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In the Divine Realm, to kill a god is to become one yourself. But who would dare try?
The Hyksos, themselves beset by intrigue and division, push down into southern Egypt. The short-lived kingdom of Abdju collapses, leaving Nebiryraw the undisputed king of the south ruling from the city of Waset. An uneasy truce between north and south enables both sides to strengthen their positions.
A deadly epidemic erupts, but it seems to be under control quickly. Carolin Falkenberg, a microbiologist at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, sees a chance to finally advance her career--or at least her habilitation thesis on the Ebola virus. She is flying to Zimbabwe on behalf of the WHO to inspect the situation there. What she finds on the scene leaves her increasingly doubtful that everyone is playing with open cards. A mysterious Facebook post in a virologist group also poses a riddle....
Samaira is independent and works in the IT industry. Due to Indian society beliefs about marriage, she is obligated to leave her well-established life in the UK and return to India. Meet her to know how her life turns upside down when she gets into a relationship and decides to marry the guy.
Six ordinary people share their stories of how the UK lockdown impacted them and their families. They are tales of adaptability, resilience, reflection and hope.
This is a short story dedicated to Molly a black labrador owned by the author for less than ten years. It is about love, loss, friendship and the power of the bond between one lady and her dog.
The story follows five Legacy Members that are tasked with maintaining the human race's privilege of inhabiting the planet. Each member is uniquely different, with tragically different circumstances, but these circumstances begin to interconnect and "pollute" one another's abilities to fulfill their tasks.
Learn to play Lead Guitar! Rock and country bands employ three or more players, typically at least four: a drummer, a bass player, a rhythm player, and a lead player. Rhythm players most often play the chord progression of the song, while lead players play notes over those chords using scales that lie within the key of the song. (A complete guitar player should learn to play both rhythm and lead.)
A Dream Transformed, Stella’s Story, in the genre of Christian historical fiction, introduces seventeen-year-old Stella Manning, who already knows her life’s purpose: to perform the dramatic spoken art of elocution on the stage. But her dream is shattered and pushed aside by her father’s dream instead, sweeping her away from her beloved Dublin to brawny, bold, and dangerous 1892 New York City. Might she find a way to trust God as she pursues a cherished dream, or will she be caught in the...
Everybody was generous with their opinion when Sandy Ray-- a strong independant sucessfull young woman who sworn to never get married-- decided to marry a charmer she has only known for one month, but everything was perfect. What could go wrong? He was heart warmingly charming. Loving. This man was everything she believed didnt exist. She said yes eventhough a certain line repeated in her mind. " If it is too good to be true then it probably is."


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