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Thalassa, a sea-witch, is captured when the warlord Rhaeven sends his troops to her small village. After the hard life she's already lived, she's resigned to her fate. Married at a young age to an abusive man she doesn't love, she's secretly glad to see her husband die. Now, pregnant, enslaved and stricken with a deadly disease, she only waits for her own death to release her from the torment that is life.
Kris Kastell, a widow, wants to leave the manipulative world of racing driving far behind her. When a wealthy entrepreneur and father of a young daughter advertises for a caretaker for his child and household, Kris is persuaded to take the position despite deep misgivings about her future employer's abrasive demeanor and his brittle Portuguese girlfriend.
This delightful series focuses on the humorous mystery and romantic adventures of the kind folks who live in the environs of a small village nestled on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Along the way in the series, silkie chickens, a giant prehistoric beaver skeleton, a kidnapped reindeer, and other flora and fauna contribute to the amusing mischief and mayhem.
Women who have faced pain, loss and heartache. They know the score and never back down. Women who aren't afraid to love with all their passion and all their strength, who risk everything for their own little piece of heaven... Men who live their lives on the blade's edge. Knights in black armor. The only thing more dangerous than crossing these men is loving them...
Kara Landers is a high school student with no friends. But it's by choice. She tries her hardest to avoid being pulled into social events of any kind. To her they're meaningless and just drain her of her energy. She had done well in her pursuit of avoidance, until Steve, the jock of the school, tried to talk to her. He refuses to back off and things go awry.
Alexa is the sole heir to King Richard and Queen Thea of Terrakin, and as per tradition, she must find her future fiancé through a battle royal fighting competition. Alexa has successfully defeated those who pursued her for the past five years, but this year, her parents are stepping up the game. They've gone all out in gathering strong, magically adept suitors and even doubled the number of contestants.
AT LAST- A book that demystifies aging and delves into the heart and soul of senior women living the Good Life! This book is a labor of love between two sisters; Jessica, age 62 living on the East Coast near Boston, and Marilou, 70 on the West Coast in Southern California. Together, they interviewed women from all walks of life age 60 and over (including two centenarians) to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future and what makes them happy, motivated and relevant as they kick up their...
An ambitious young man, Roger Hilton hates to lose. Having proven himself in the Army, he comes home to marry his first love. But another boyfriend Rachel had returns, and Roger finds himself with his ring back. Stinging, he moves away to find a new life for himself.
This is the "Must Have" book for anyone wishing to learn the basics of metal machining right up to precision machining, or for everyone with an interest in any type of metalworking. Metal Machining Made Easy is loaded with illustrations, showing how-to with simple, yet practical information. Rules, formulas, and mystifying tables have been simplified to allow beginners and hobbyists an introduction to this interesting trade.
Feisty and fun, liberated and opinionated, nine-and-a-half-year-old Bernie Bolton's ready to take on the world.


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