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Welcome to the dawn of the Symbiont Wars SagaIzhidra fell from space three millennia where the Nile cradled Earth's earliest civilization on its banks...Because of her tail and brindled skin, the people mistook her for a goddess...Bastet, the Eye of Ra... Though what else could they have thought?The notion of aliens from another star had no place to alight in their minds. But Izhidra finds the paths of the gods paved with treacherous stones.
In a universe where magic and science exist, two nations battle for dominance. The Utopian Kingdom ruled by the beautiful and wise Princess Asora, and the Darkcon Empire ruled by the cunning and sensuous Queen Laxur. War has broken out between these two nations. Queen Laxur seeks the ultimate magical power, while her little sister Princess Asora hopes that new technology with magic can defeat her mad sister and her wicked empire.
What happens when an ordinary teenager has to turn into a warrior just to survive? And can the journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really become an “adventure?”
Finding her could kill me Nature created the five of us to save this dying planet and forge a balance between mankind and nature. Now we’re pitted against each other. War and me, against Famine and Death. We tried to talk to them, bring them over to our side. They refused… then they made it personal.
With over 500 tools and resources to help you take care of business, The Ultimate Business Toolbox is a must have for every business professional. Inside you will find the perfect tools and resources to manage every aspect of your business, including marketing and sales tools, social media management tools, legal resources, creative tools, financial resources, research tools, web master resources, and so much more. Once you begin using the resources provided by The Ultimate Business Toolbox,...
Brad Ramsey is not a poet; the writer of that art form begins with a blank page. In its entirety, the author already presumes what he has written is extant, because he interprets and copies a masterpiece. Yet, in choosing to tell about his lived experience in community housing while following the method known as pastiche, his first contribution as a writer nonetheless stands as a postmodern homage to one of the great poems of the Romantic tradition.
Peaceful Pilgrim is an unofficial series in no particular order set in Karen Wiesner's fictional town of Peaceful, Wisconsin. Peaceful is a modern-day small community with old-fashioned values and friendly people you'll want to get to know and visit often. Both the Family and Friendship Heirlooms series' are set in Peaceful.
The poems within A Spark of Hope are therapeutic, and some have already saved lives. This treasury of poems is intended to ignite a Spark of Hope in someone who has lost the will to live. A Spark of Hope is meant to give hope where there is none. The aim of the book is to encourage us to appreciate and value life as a precious gift. We can change the things we wish and accept the ones we cannot change..A Spark of Hope is a collection of 49 hopeful poems, by contemporary or new poets, both...
This book for children contains She Cried for me: Autobiography of a dog with two bonus stories. Julie and the Elephant Mamba, Brownie and the Hunter There are sample Chapters from another book, a Poem, and a few illustrations. She Cried for Me is a heart-wrenching story for pet and dog lovers. A young dog becomes tired of being underfed and abused. Scared of her owner's threat to kill her, she runs away. Dog catchers are on her trail. The owner of a dog sanctuary spots her. Will she be...
Set on the beautiful island of Trinidad, The Axe Murderer: Barry Holmes Investigates Book 2 is a quickly paced mystery thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The prequel to the book, The Gift of Love, made it to Best Seller No 1 in all three categories - one-hour mystery thriller, private investigations, and kidnapping fiction. Barry is assigned the task of finding the kidnappers of his wife's friend, Cheryl Beckles. The trail to the kidnappers leads to dead ends, literally and...


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