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These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.Tina’s Dilemma - Would you tell your best friend? Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully. Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her former best friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.
An uptight Cowboy and a laid-back Amazon take on a jobsworth, a couple of psychopaths and a UXB in this explosive romp.Responsibility doesn’t sit well on Pete’s shoulders, but when his boss goes AWOL, the cowboy has no choice. Thank Heavens for his delectable-but-unavailable partner, Andrea. Her calm support against their new CO, the misogynistic R.Soul, is all that stands between him and an insubordination charge.
A fragile mum with HUGE secrets. An irreverent man-mountain with a gooey centre. An undercover mission. Sparks WILL fly. When Carrie’s ex-military father needs an undercover husband and wife team to root out a traitor, she holds her own against trained professionals, even when sniffing sweaty tee-shirts.
Ginny’s dad had great advice about facing devils head on. ‘Think about the worst thing that could happen and figure out why you’re afraid. Get past that and the rest is easy.’ There was no doubt about her worst fear. Alone in a house with six men, all of whom had just ogled her naked body, it was a complete no-brainer.
A BRITISH CRIME COMEDY FOR PEOPLE WHO TAKE THEIR HUMOUR SERIOUSLY!  50 year old Simon Leigh is riding high! Everything has gone so smoothly in his life until suddenly it doesn’t… In this ‘Road Movie’ of a book, Simon’s fall from grace takes him on a journey across Britain and Europe on a quest to find out who he really is. But the pressure is mounting as he is pursued by psychopathic villains, corrupt police and the enigmatic, but deeply worrying Mrs Candles.
Not the usual psychological thriller... After half a lifetime trying to come to terms with underachievement, a new terror has suddenly emerged. Tom Friday is now doubting his own sanity. Maybe due to his past cocaine habit, he is having vivid hallucinations. He increasingly flips into an alternate reality where he is Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin.
Who is more evil..? The killer or his victims..? Journalist Kate O'Sullivan puts her life at risk when she exposes an international VIP paedophile operation by publishing information her brother hacked from the CIA database. With the US government on the hunt for her source and ruthless VIPs closing in on them both, a renegade agent turned serial killer leaves a bloody trail in his wake… As the body count rises, can Kate and her brother survive?
The first in this disturbing trilogy following the fortunes of a forensic psychiatrist and a UK detective as they tackle some of the worst psychopaths you would never want to meet! Doc Powers, a criminal profiler tormented by guilt over his role in the death of his wife, is haunted by nightmares involving the evil men he has helped convict. When a face from the past invades his life again, he is reluctantly dragged back into the role he came to despise.
The Hengist clan are threatened by marauding Renegates who broke away to pursue a lawless life. Nothing is as it seems in this medieval setting. Archer, an intrepid warrior, deals with challenges from an unscrupulous opponent, a charming rogue and a vengeful enchantress. These trials test his courage and integrity but Archer is terrified by a much harsher Beltane ordeal: his first kiss.
Purest Evil threatens Renegates and Townies alike. Can Geraint unite these warring factions in time to save Oxford?Geraint’s life is Hell. He despises his father’s scavenging lifestyle and loathes the brutal training designed to make him worthy of being the next Renegate leader. During the combat trial, he bests a nasty bully who seeks revenge.


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