Genre: Humour

Book Summary

The work Yeshua is His Name offers a theological exposition to the loss of the name of the “Savior” in translation down through the ages. The narrative searches the contours of recorded history, contextualized in Scriptures, shedding light on how the correspondence of the Savior’s immutable name undermines the sanctity of our faith. The book challenges the age-old orthodoxies of biblical language adaptation and creates a spiritually healthy space for understanding the implication of calling Him by a name given by man and not God. What the book does not endorse is the denial of the wisdom of Christian sages. It also does not demand condemnation of the English name Jesus. However, the book presents an opportunity for dialog and a sense of re-discovery and renaissance about the immutable name of the son of God bestowed only by the Father, Adonai. Recorded history suggests the earliest lost gospel writings about the Savior (original Hebrew Papyri scrolls) hold the key to any clear understanding of what name the Savior was called by his Jewish community, and the disciples. While we may never know with absolute certainty what specific Hebrew/Aramaic name He was called, we know without a doubt that canonized scripture shows He was called Yeshua. It is the mission of this book to show the proof and the facts as they are. Variations of discovered parchment scrolls (1947-56, i.e. deuterocanonical texts, Jewish-Christian gospels) present theo-historic narratives, as does the present-day Bibles that leave significant trails, precedents, and prophetic declarations of the name given by God to His begotten son. Other writings external to scripture also show how the name was lost in translation.

About the Author

Reverend Louis Eke, with his wife Kay O’Banner, is the Pastor and co-founder of Yeshua Christian Ministry International YCMI. He is a dynamic public speaker on the intersection of theology, society, governance, and human behavior. Reverend Eke is a skilled conflict resolution expert, a life crisis counselor, and a coach. After a twenty-five-year career in the private sector, he accepted the call to ministry and was ordained as clergy by Jubilee Christian Ministries (Eagle Nest) International, London, England. He received his ministerial license through the Church of England and JCMI, London, England. He holds a Master of Arts in Christian Social Ethics and Law from Andover-Newton Theological Seminary and Harvard Law School.

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