You Deserve The Good Things in Life

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

This book is about the spiritual evolution of man and how to establish the conditions necessary for the development of divine powers, in the same sense that a seed becomes a plant by the aid of the earth, water, air, and fire and the action of the invisible force.

Learn and benefit from practical lessons to help develop and elevate conscious awareness through thought by observing and applying the laws of nature in your business and day-to-day life.

"Knowledge is knowing the facts; Wisdom is knowing what to do with the facts."

Unleash the most powerful weapons in the armory of thought by activating the spirit that is reclining in the depths of your soul.

"A monkey never releases a vine in its left hand until it has a vine in its right hand."

This book shows five days-five ways to becoming human2. It has uncommon pocket wisdom.


"Extremely powerful read! It will change your perspective about your own abilities. The sky is the limit, and you will become more aware than ever. I recommend this read to anyone interested and discovering themselves, and creating new possibilities."

5/5 Maurice White

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About the Author

Jennifer Gamboa has three degrees in which she graduated Cum Laude (with honors) in Business Management. She motives people to go after their dreams. Jennifer has an IQ of 136. She is an Author of Victim No More! How To Get Your Power Back. She is also the Co-Author of "You Deserve the Good Things in Life" which is in five countries. In the last twenty years, she helps others heal from their past abuse, and handle with dignity marital and health problems. She is a role model on how to stop barely surviving to Thriving!

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