Your Lighthouse Journey

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Your Lighthouse Journey by Dirk Sanden offers an idea of how to live your life based on fundamental principles that are already known for millennia. Dirk Sanden puts these principles and golden life rules in perspective, and validate them daily to decide which one of them are the most useful for everyone depending on the situation or the challenge we face. He has kept this book very practical with lots of examples and techniques that can be applied to everyday life. One of Dirk Sanden’s cornerstones in life is to keep things simple. This, together with the conviction that everybody on this planet already has everything at hand to lead a successful life, raises the following question. “If it’s true that most of our questions can be answered by applying common sense, what holds us back so persistently to turn these answers into common practice?” The book encourages everyone to pause, reflect, and re-think how they’ve lived life thus far. It reminds people to step out of their comfort zones and break routines that have been established in the past. The book suggests that you get rid of your blinkers and develop a 360-degree view of life. It asks you to get your nose off the canvas, step back, and see the bigger picture. It will teach you to focus your attention on the present moment. The days to live a life as part of the majority are counted. Your life as a follower comes to an end – now, it’s all about you and your authentic self.

About the Author

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