You're Mine (The Winters Family Series: Book Three)

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Welcome to the Winters Family Series, a sweet and sexy contemporary romance, where family comes first, romance is all around, and plates will be filled with many delicious meals.

Joshua Winters is a math teacher by day, bartender by night. He's the middle Winters brother, and tends to be a bit of a wild child. Ten years ago he met the girl of his dreams in algebra class, his junior year of high school. He tries all of his sexy charm on this unapproachable girl, but then she mysteriously leaves Wilmington and he feels lost. Now seeing her standing in the bar where he works, he realizes this may be his second chance.

Kenzie Waters grew up a military brat and traveled everywhere while she was growing up. Since she relocates about every six months to a year she vowed to not make friends and just keep to herself. When she met Joshua Winters in high school, he managed to crack her tough exterior. Still guarded, she kept her distance from the cutest boy in high school. When her father is called for another tour of duty in Afghanistan, her mom moves them back to Arizona to be with family. Just two months after living back in Arizona, her father comes home injured. The next ten years, she endures so much, and yet Joshua always stayed in the forefront of her mind.

Now, Kenzie has made her way back to Wilmington, NC, and hopefully into the arms of the one man who had her heart all along. Sometimes we fall in love with someone even before we know it.

There are recipes made by Joshua, Kenzie, Izzy, and Shawna included in the back of the book.


"This is a sweet romantic read, one that once you start you will not want to put down.
Kenzie and Josh were a lovely couple and their journey was written with care, sensitivity and emotion."

"One of the best contemporary romances that I have read this year!"

"Definitely a sweet romance. Such wonderful characters. I fell in love with Joshua."

"This is an instant love/ second chance love story and is very heartwarming. There are not a lot of twists and turns in this book, but there is enough chemistry between the two characters that it won’t be missed."

"You’re mine is such a beautiful love story between Kenzie and Joshua, how they met, lost each other and then reunited after ten years. I like the title and how Terra found it. Very creative I must say.
Anyone out there after a romantic story, I recommend Terra Kelly’s collection."

About the Author

Terra Kelly writes Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.

She loves walking her dog, snuggling with her two cats, and relaxing with her amazing hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 2:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to finally put a book down and sleep. She laughs loudly, smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and tries to always find the positive in everything.
Writing was not on the list of must-do’s for her career, but she always had stories swirling around her mind. Now, today she couldn’t imagine her life without writing. She enjoys writing when the mood strikes, and will stay up late to get all her thoughts out.

When she’s not writing, she’s creating recipes and learning all about bourbon and wine. Terra has had a food blog for over five years, at Cafe Terra- that’s why you will find recipes made by the characters in her Winters Family Series. Each recipe has been tested and devoured! She considers herself a bourbon and wine lover. Each book will express her love for both types of alcohol, along with beer thrown in the mix.

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