Zombie Dogs SB-16

Genre: Horror

Book Summary

A deadly virus, named SB-16, is putting the infected into deep comas, and transforming man’s best friend into hungry, viciously aggressive Zombie Dogs. As the world watches in horror, the Zombie Dogs go on the attack, looking to feed their hunger for blood and human flesh. Over 80% of the human population worldwide has already been affected.

What hope does humanity have? Without the help of police, doctors or any infrastructure, the survivors are left in a struggle to keep their families safe. Calloway Foster must make a harrowing decision. His twin brother is out there somewhere and could be in danger. To search for him, he will have to leave his wife, Julie, alone to care for his infected daughter.

In Zombie Dogs - Book 1, you will follow Calloway and Bellamy Foster, twin brothers. Will they find each other in time? Can they keep their families safe? Can they survive the Zombie Dogs and the rogue humans who have gone A1-Anarchist? A terrifying surprise twist will test the survivors to the brink of humanity’s very existence.

Ellie's Books

About the Author

I was born and raised in New Zealand. A graduate of Massey, I'm a freelance graphic artist, spent 10 years working with Autistic Children, and have done some overseas traveling. I am a member of NZSA and SpecFicNZ. I love writing, have two books published and soon a third :) am in the process of writing my 4th book, and am loving it. I'm a mum to four children, two boys, two girls, the girls are non identical twins, they really keep me on my toes :) I also love to read, and watch T.V series, ie The walking dead, fear the walking dead, Evil dead, things like that grab my attention, and yes you guessed it I'm a lover of horror :)

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