Zombie Park

Genre: Horror

For Fans Of

Mark Tufo, Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn

Book Summary


Ben Cutler just wants an honest way to make a lot of money! Unemployed and on the short end of the employment stick, he knows his chances of getting a traditional job is slim to never. Ever resourceful and always a forward thinker, Ben comes up with a brilliant idea—Zombie Park! Create a park with zombies, sell tickets and people will come by the hundreds. To his surprise, one of the richest men in the world backs his project and makes Ben an instant millionaire!

Scientists Nicholas and Kathy Hollman have been commissioned by General Wilbur Poe to create “smart zombies” to be used on the battlefield instead of live soldiers. With glory in his eyes, Nicholas is determined to not only create the formula, but cut his wife out of the equation and take all the credit himself. Unfortunately for Nicholas, Kathy is the brain behind everything they do.

Robert Forenstein has found the perfect cover for the smart zombie project in Ben Cutler’s Zombie Park. He and General Poe will make America the first country to use zombies as weapons of mass destruction and make billions in the process! As with all plans, everyone has their own agenda and the Zombie Park project is no different. The plan rapidly unravels as Nicholas botches the experiments and is inadvertently creating an army of out of control zombies. With a trail of bodies in their wake, neither the Hollmans nor Forenstein realize the true motives behind General Poe’s zombie army…and it ain’t to save the world!

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About the Author

Derek Ailes is a demented post-apocalyptic science fiction and horror author serving his readers one plateful of horrific terror after another. He is the mastermind behind several horror anthologies including Musings From A Demented Mind and Catfurnado, Zombies and One Killer Doll. He recently ventured into the vast superhero universe with his first comedy/horror novel The Undead Pool.

Derek openly admits that he is a nerd. He reads comic books and graphic novels along with watching every DC and Marvel television series, cartoon, and movie. His favorite series are Deadpool, X-men, The Avengers, Superman, Batman, Flash and The Justice League.

Derek resides in the small town of South Haven, Indiana where he cranks out one horrific tale after another. His neighbors both fear and respect him, because they don't know what horror madness he will unleash upon them. He spends his weekends hanging out with horror icons and promoting his work. He is currently working on his latest horror masterpiece.

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