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When a guy acts like a jerk, he may have a good reason...but that doesn't mean a determined woman can't teach him better manners. Delilah's loneliness isn't the only reason she puts up with Jake's crustiness. His son brings laughter and love to her empty nest. But her love for the little boy isn't enough to build the rest of her life on...even if Jake showed interest in her.
Fifteen-year-old Hanna Berkenski journeys from her family's tiny apartment in the Warsaw Ghetto through an awful night spent in a cattle-car with her mother and sister to the welcoming orchestra at Auschwitz where she was a violinist for three years. As the train arrives at Auschwitz, flowers, sunshine and music fell like warm welcomes to her. She's been told she'll be spending the next few weeks in a "work camp" until her family can be reunited and relocated. Even the snowflakes bring her joy...
Celtic Queen, Boadicea, was known by historians only for her ultimate failure in battle and the atrocities she allegedly committed. What if there was another side to the story? In The Painted Lady, Queen Boadicea is given a place of birth, a private life, a few inescapable skeletons in her closet, romance and, above all, courage in the face of hardship.
In peaceful Hertfordshire of New South Wales in the mid-nineteenth century, a bored and reckless man who leads a swashbuckling life in the army of the East Indian Company is told by the overseer that a married man has more chance of gaining a pardon from the penal colony and being granted land. Gentle Mary Anne becomes the unwitting wife of such a man, sold for a bottle of rum. With no other prospects, she takes her mother's advice to love and care for her husband and his children in hopes that...
Marielle Jones has been hired to drive 8-year-old Tyler, his 10-year-old sister and their maternal grandmother on a camping trip across Oregon. When Tyler claims someone pushed him into the river, Marielle refuses to believe him. But, later, the party is shot at, and Marielle realizes something scary is going on. Is it possible someone wants an eight-year-old kid dead? Why? In the musty, dank corridors of an historic old military fort, astonishing answers emerge.
It’s been four months since Adam returned to Hilldale. With the help of his friends, Kevin and Becky, the Parker Detective Agency has solved their fair share of cases in that time. But now, their partnership will be tested as a new threat has emerged. In the neighboring town of Brookville, Adam’s old high school friend is found murdered and a message left behind: Adam Parker is next.
During an age when Macedonians hold sway in ancient Greece and Rome is on the ascendancy, Agis, a king of Sparta, attempts to reform the city-state before it sinks into decline. Agis endeavors to find support for his reorganization campaign among the oligarchy running things. Unfortunately, helots that were conquered and kept in servitude to Spartan threaten to rebel just when improvement is at last on the horizon.
Tialanna is fated to become the queen of all Underlayes witches. She thinks the worst part of her life is the fact that she’s betrothed to a complete stranger while in love with someone else. She’s in for a rude awakening when she discovers who, and what, she truly is.
This book tells the story of Bartholomew Roberts, a famous British pirate. During the golden age of piracy, he captured over 400 ships in less than 3 years. In June 1719, the ship on which he works as a sailor is captured by pirate Howell Davis. He is forced to become a pirate, but he will quickly prove himself. Six weeks after his capture, Captain Davis dies during an ambush by the men of the Governor of Príncipe Island. The pirates then elect a new captain and their choice is Roberts because...
Isaac Asimov and other speculative fiction writers have postulated that what seems to be mere technology to modern eyes could be viewed as magic to people of other cultures and times ... and perhaps worlds? In this series of novellas, classic and not-so-familiar faerie tales are placed in futuristic settings. The costumes and props might change, but the Human spirit and the quest for true love will never change.


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