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Vidan was again reaching out to the stars: sadder and wiser...and cautious, unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the ancestors. The Commonwealth was born, reaching out to lost colonies and establishing new ones, rediscovering lost technology and how to navigate the star-ways. Many of the lost colonies not only survived but thrived--and they remembered their abandonment and the harsh centuries of the Downfall....
Dedicated to mothers everywhere, readers will laugh out loud as they read familiar little poems and brief anecdotes about the pitfalls, pratfalls, joys and horror stories associated with being a mother. Pregnancy cravings, projectile vomiting, post-birth and permanent weight gain, pediatrician's visits, despising your kid's choice of mate--all the predicaments are included to amusingly affirm to readers they're not alone in the insane asylum motherhood can so often be. Rest assured that others...
Kara, a bunny rabbit, hates school, not because she doesn't have friends but because her "learning disability" makes her feel stupid. It takes one special friend to show Kara that, despite dyslexia, she has gifts that make her just as special as her classmates.
What if you could change your entire outlook on life. Through the insightful and reflective lens of wife, mother of five, special needs advocate, coach, and public speaker Sue Lachman’s everyday events and stories reveal the simplicity of life when experienced from Mind, Thought, and Consciousness—the Three Principles that changed Lachman’s outlook on life. p>
One woman will take back her freedom. And rise. Violetta will never forget that day. Guilt shadows her every step as she prepares to take her father’s throne. Sadly, he has other ideas. Violetta must marry or forfeit her royal birthright, but all she wants is to be free, to no longer relive the tragic events of her past. If only she can learn to love again, to put the past behind her and begin anew.
Nothing can be more disappointing than living through life believing that we know God when we don't. And there’s no better season to learn about God's love story, like the season we’re in. In this book I shared the Good News about God and His Saving Grace. In it God was Revealed in the face of Jesus Christ. Through each page you’d feel the warmth of His embrace.
In multiple worlds, universes and dimensions of reality, there are tales of Hub Worlds where many different realms can meet and intersect. Some travel between worlds through the power of the mind and with Talents born into the blood, while others are chosen through vision and prophecy and step between worlds with the power of talismans. None can go to the others' worlds, except when they meet in a Hub World. Wildvine County, somewhere in the United States, is that pivotal point where the...
So much fun with Letter Tracing and Coloring! This book is perfect for kids of all ages who want to learn letters of the alphabet and improve their handwriting skills. Perfect Workbook for Both Boys and Girls Essential writing practice for preschool and kindergarten.
This book has extra-large pictures with thick lines to promote error free coloring, to increase confidence, to reduce frustration. Images are Printed on Single Sided Pages to Avoid Bleed Through Perfect Coloring Book for Both Boys and Girls Coloring is a Perfect Activity for Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills. The Act of Coloring is Therapeutic, Relaxing, and Stimulates Creativity
50 relaxing designs. 25 mandalas with thick lines for easy coloring. Images are Printed on Single Sided Pages to Avoid Bleed Through Short-circuit the stress and let creativity flow freely as you color these meditative patterns! For artists and colorists of all levels.


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