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Nutmeg and Ginger is the first part of an amazing trilogy. Embark on this wonderful quest in finding the perfect addition to Jason's family. This children's book is based on a true story. Ages 4-8.
Just who is the quiet warehouse worker named Bill Harmony? Disturbed by the shallow sermons and self-aggrandising showmanship of his pastor, Bill confronts Doctor Littlehope privately only to be brushed off as an ignorant layman. An upcoming revival event at the church run by a TV evangelist who claims he can heal and raise people from the dead raises even more red flags. Certain this isn't the hand of God at work, Bill and his friends set about exposing the scam.
Nuggets of faith can be passed down as family heirlooms from parent to child, sibling to sibling, spouse to spouse.
Small-town girl Ayodele "Della" Flynn lives in a city she abhors, where danger seems to be lurking around every corner. When her husband dies very unexpectedly, she's confronted with figuring out where her home is with her young son River and trying to come to terms with the loose ends her husband left their lives in.
Adam Prynne lives in a world beset by ambition, greed and class distinctions. The Red Prophet has planted a seed of vision and authority inside him that allows Adam to think differently than his peers. As a result, he--along with his wife Zoe--sets out to rebuild society based on love and mutual respect on an island filled with unicorns that sometimes those who have the ears to listen to their vision.
Kaitlin is thrilled when she discovers a small gold nugget high in the mountains near the legendary Ogre's Cave. Soon after, the people in her village unexplainably begin to disappear without a trace, no clue where they've gone. As the population dwindles to almost nothing, Kaitlin realizes the gold nugget she took from the mountain is the cause of the disappearances and sets out to return what she inadvertently stole. Enlisting help from three friends and a foundling with mysterious abilities...
A smarty-pants duo, Pete is a computer junkie and the class nerd; Lilly a skinny, awkward girl spouting factoids she learned from countless books--including the dictionary she reads with as much enjoyment as a novel. When Pete and Lilly find themselves trapped in a time warp both dangerous and exciting, they travel through space and time to solve mysteries of the past. Along the way, they rescue unusual characters including a mischievous clay imp with magical powers. It isn't long before Pete...
This is a fantasy novel, containing both joyful and heart-wrenching elements, about a tribe of magical metal-horned unicorns in the land of MarBryn, a place far away from their home of Unimaise. The tribe faces extinction and are pinning their hopes of survival on the prophecy that a newborn foal will save them from the murderous sorcerer, Magh. But the foal is born handicapped with no metal and no magic - which forecasts only doom for the surviving unicorns.
Glen Barbor is the main character in the Light Blink book series - a story about how he got into an alternate world where the Ravens were interfering with the transfer of humans to thei next world. In this free prequel (available after newsletter signup), learn how Glen Barbor's great-grandfather came to live on the land that Glen lives now. And how his ancestors got their fortune. A short story about Glen's ancestors and how they arrived at the family property where Glen now lives.
Glen continues his journey in the Alternate World he found himself in when the lights blinked. He has to figure out a way to defeat the Ravens, who are destroying humans as they transfer from one Alternate World to the next. It's not going to be easy, but he has his companion dog to help him, along with The Three from the Control Center, who - with the other guide dogs - help people transfer from their world to their next world. The Ravens are the problem. They weren't very happy about all of...


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