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“Know Money, No Problem,” by financial realist Ronnie Lee, is a comprehensive and practical guide to wealth acquisition and management. This books is a must-read for the “average” person, with “average” income who wants to maximize their wealth and join the ranks of the “above-average” financial success stories. With time-proven methods outlined in plain English, Lee demystifies the secrets that every person with sustained wealth already knows. And now you can know it too!
This book helps you understand the complicated cyber world that is being built around us and how people are profiting from it. Some profiteers have improved their military might and others benefit from greater marketing access to you. Unfortunately, some other online characters are just criminals making profit from stealing your ideas, intellectual property and identity.
This book is a must read by family members, caregivers and friends of elderly and Alzheimer's sufferers who are cognitively impaired. It is premised on LOVE, EMPATHY, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, REASON AND OPEN-MINDEDNESS when dealing with societal concerns for elderly and Alzheimer's.
For Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Government Contractors, and Franchise Owners is a book that is written by C. Naomi Covington. With so many hacks and traits existing but at the same time not being told to the world, a solution was needed for one to excel . This book is that solution as it focuses on helping a business owner to maintain and increase the flow of their business.
The Awakening is part poignant memoir, part inspirational story. It tells the story of Carmel Foster, a South African American, whose personal experience are as heartbreaking as they are awe-inspiring.
Your Lighthouse Journey by Dirk Sanden offers an idea of how to live your life based on fundamental principles that are already known for millennia. Dirk Sanden puts these principles and golden life rules in perspective, and validate them daily to decide which one of them are the most useful for everyone depending on the situation or the challenge we face. He has kept this book very practical with lots of examples and techniques that can be applied to everyday life. One of Dirk Sanden’s...
Abandoned But Not Forgotten is the powerful memoir of Dana Priyanka Hammond, who as a four-year-old child was abandoned in a train station in India. Through her life, she has faced many trials and tribulations--abandonment, abuse, assault, and being part of the broken foster care and adoption system in America. Yet, she has overcome all of these obstacles stacked against her to become a strong woman, thriving today.
Fairytale, adventure, for family view.Computer games are a modern CHRONOPHAGUS that engulfs children, distracting them from reality.The social issues outlined in the plot are revealed in an exciting adventure comedy.
THE FIRST BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA Falling in love with a slave – can it ever work? A turbulent tale of love entwined with the brutal nature of slavery, the first book in The James Saga follows the forbidden romance between Lawrence James, the son of a plantation owner and Jasmine Thomas, a slave on the Havers End plantation in 1860. Although he’s aware of the consequences, Lawrence cannot hold back as his feelings continue to grow the more time he spends with Jasmine.
If you are a first-time parent suffering from sleep deprivation and running on because of the constant night baby awakenings, then you need to find a solution – and you need one now. Or maybe you are about to become a first-time parent and are in a panic because you don’t want to be one of those parents who are miserable for the first year of your baby’s life because sleep is just nonexistent.


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