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WINNER for BEST POETRY COLLECTION of 2016 at the eFestival of Words! Poems inspired by (and many about) Charles Bukowski. A touching tribute to Buk that captures the self-inflicted madness of the poet in all of us. Topics include loss and pain, hope and struggle, from childhood to beyond the grave.Includes 120 sad, funny, shocking poems like "Death March to the Food Bank," "This Dusty Soul," and "Bukowski's Ghost."
Katy, a young caterpillar in a big oak tree, wants to see the world. One day she finds herself trapped in a pickled situation when a strong wind blows her out of the tree and onto the forest floor. She is terribly afraid and struggles to find the courage to crawl back up the tree to a place of safety and more view.
Is your young one just starting to pronounce his first syllables? Or is your eldest beginning to learn how to read? What a joy to be able to teach your young ones how to communicate! It opens up a whole new perspective into their world – one that can only be seen through words. When they tell you how they feel or pronounce their love for you, you realize that the power of words is amazing!
Your passion is your magic, your gift to the world. In this inspiring poetry chapbook, #1 best selling author and award-winning poet Jackson Dean Chase speaks to your passion, your ambition to be more, do more, and fill your world with wonder, even as you create it for others. These poems will motivate you to tap into the power you need to realize your ambition and make your dreams come true!
Luke was a strong, stately, well-built horse who lived in a town with other horses. He enjoyed spending time with his horse-friends in the stable and with the little girls of the community. But there was one thing about Luke that made him feel ashamed and insecure among his friends. His body was covered in dark brown spots from top to toe. Luke figured that there was only one way through which he would feel more accepted among his friends – he had to look like a unicorn, beautifully white and...
Blast off for out-of-this-world thrills! Whether you write "hard" sci-fi, space fantasy, cyberpunk, dystopian, or time travel, this must-own book is rocket fuel for your imagination. Open your pod bay doors to over 4,000 epic ways to describe everything from aliens to future tech, including starship combat. This book is the warp drive you need to write better science fiction instantly!
Arranged for quick, easy reference, the Horror Writers' Phrase Book contains over 3,000 ways to describe death, gore, hauntings, monsters, weapons, and more--plus dark emotions and writing exercises. There are plenty of violent descriptions, but the book covers all kinds of horror subgenres like paranormal romance. The Horror Writers' Phrase Book is the perfect tool to inspire your imagination and cure even the most stubborn case of writer's block!
***Book 1 is an award-winning stand-alone book in this new contemporary romance / romantic comedy series with a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhanger*** ONE PASSIONATE NIGHT. TWO LOST SOULS. A WHOLE WORLD OF TROUBLE. Juggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson's mind off her shattered love life--until a painful anniversary sends her into the arms of an anonymous stranger she plucks from the audience of her tribal belly dance show. No names, no strings, no...
Two Girls Test Friendship and Survival in a Grim Future World...
This short 60-page sampler of the Writers' Phrase Books series is sure to help authors of action, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi get past writer's block. It contains over 500 exciting ways to describe weapons, wounds, wild animals, weather, emotions, dangerous places, and more, plus a combat thesaurus that covers everything, from attack to defense, ranged to melee, and from monsters to magic spells and psychic powers. Standalone books in this series include Action, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalypse...


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