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A series of unfortunate events leads an unlikely damsel in distress on a crazy, mixed-up journey in which everything goes wrong...only to go perfectly right when she finds her heart's desire right back where she started.
Delve deep into the mysteries of Aboriginal mythology, present day UFO activity and pure science that surround the continent of Australia, from its barren deserts to the depths of its rainforest and even deeper into its mysterious mountains. Along the way, love, greed, murder, and mystery abound while the secrets of mankind and the ultimate answer to 'what happens now?' just might be answered.
Somewhere off the coast of the shoreline town of Davenport, Connecticut is a mysterious island community. To the mainlanders, Flicker Island is a quiet, innocuous community where the citizens live simple lives and rarely venture from their insular shores. To the residents of the island, it is a place where lies become reality, storms are conjured from a cloudless sky, treachery is second nature, and your dreams can kill you.
Someone has unleashed an ancient evil bent on destroying Cassidy Christopher by eradicating the women he loves, one by one... Just one year earlier, Cassidy's daughter, Maddie, was attacked by a creature who was unleashed by human hands from its chains beneath The Protector, an ancient oak on the Christopher property. In the dead of the night, Maddie calls her best friend, Robyn Warren. Robyn hastens to be with the only family she's ever known.
Two children holidaying at the Cape Otway Lighthouse Station in Victoria Australia meet the ghost of an old Scottish sea captain who roams the world helping the 'spirits' of lighthouses and helping 'conserve' the towers. Captain Angus befriends the children and takes them on virtual reality trips via a magic time tunnel. Together, they experience sailing on an old sailor's vessel, see a shipwreck rescue, witness the tower being built, and even meet one of their own ancestors!
Three women, one pantomime and a pole dancer. A romantic comedy with a difference. Lesley is a woman scorned, Deirdre is a woman trapped and Angus is a woman in crisis. Agnus wants a second chance to flash across the stage as she did in her youth. Lesley wants Angus to give up and leave it all to the younger model. And Deirdre is trapped in the middle looking for a way out.
A Romantic Comedy With No Age Limits
Different blood flows in their veins--but our blood quenches their thirst. From Bram Stoker's 1897 creation of Count Dracula, portrayed as a foreign invader bent on the conquest of England, the literary vampire has symbolized the Other, whether his or her otherness arises from racial, ethnic, sexual, or species difference. Even before the bloodsucking Martians of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, however, popular fiction contained a few vampires who were members of alien species rather than...
There are secrets on the mountain. Things adults know but don't tell their children. The young hear bits and pieces of conversations and become intrigued. They want to explore. Discover. Without knowing all the details, they can't make good decisions. Their curiosity takes them on journey's they later wish they never went on. It shows them things they wish they never saw.
Sometimes strange things happen on the mountain, like pets disappearing. Or toys. Or even people. No one knows where they go, just that they are gone. Or, at least, that is what the grownups tell the children. What if the grownups know more than what they are letting on? What if they know where all the missing things and people are, but just wont say? What if they don't? After all, it isn't just children the denizens of the dark take. It can be anyone. Even adults who no longer believe.


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