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College student Holly Banks finally leaves the nest when she takes a nanny job for a rich man’s daughter, complete with room and board. However, when her duties extend beyond housework and babysitting, she’s forced to make a decision between the married man’s strange sexual play in the basement or the true love her college-hunk boyfriend offers. That would be a simple decision if not for the rich man’s jealous wife who has plans of her own for Holly.
In the final installment of "My Sweet Entity", Michael’s obsession and dominance drives Alexis to contemplate suicide, so he takes her through a portal into his realm in hell to show her the consequences of taking her own life. As if fire and brimstone weren’t enough to dissuade her, the Devil takes a liking to her living beauty and makes her his sex slave. The carnal tortures she suffers are not only terrifying but, in some ways, pleasing. She quickly learns that Michael is her only salvation...
In the sequel to “My Sweet Entity” Alexis is free of Michael’s obsessive sexual prowess and starts a relationship with Zane, the cowboy hunk she truly loves. However, her bright future turns dark when Michael returns to her house of horrors, seduces her best friend, and grows powerful enough steal Zane’s persona. The battle for control of her life starts again, but this time with a twist she didn’t see coming.
Fresh out of college, fiercely independent Alexis Jordan purchases an old house in Vermont, the last apron string now cut from her supportive parents. However, the excitement of her new life has conjured up the nightmarish fear of losing control of her newfound freedom to a dominant man. He first appears in a dream then in her imagination, she believes, but he’s actually an entity lurking in her new bedroom. His presence isn’t haunting, it’s wanting, and his sexual appetite eventually consumes...
Lexie Dane has it all, a good job, handsome husband, and loving home, but there’s something missing in her life, like three years of which she has no memory. When she was twenty-one, she awoke in Chicago to learn she’d gone missing from a Missouri school when she was eighteen. With no family still alive back home, she decided to stay and start her life anew, yet always hoped that one day she’d discover what had happened to her.
At sunrise each morning, I peeled my eyes open the second I heard the call to prayer resound through the air. At 7:00 A.M., I walked out to a rare quiet Cairo street and waited for the van to pick me up. Climbing onto the van, I found a seat alongside other Muslim and foreign teachers, where I was one of only a few not wearing hijab. It was Sunday morning and another Islamic week of disciplining rich, apathetic students, was about to begin.
When Connor Walsh, a business lawyer in London, receives news that his estranged father is terminally ill, he returns to Fermosa Bay, a little coastal town in Australia. With the memories of his childhood years tucked away in the back of his mind, he finds his father and kindergarten friends rallying around to remind him of the past. But he’s unprepared for the growing attraction he feels for Emily, and it doesn’t take long for Connor to feel regret that his life could have been so much...
Climbing Dracula’s Mountains: Bucegi– Rock Climbing Adventures and Tales in the Carpathians is the first in a series of three e-books committed to bring into focus and familiarize the English-speaker tourist with the numerous exciting possibilities the Romanian Carpathians offer in terms of rock climbing, adventure and extreme sports. This book series feature comprehensive terrain explanations, covering almost all of the Carpathian Mountains.
This book is about food and also about friendship and love. It is about cooking and about savoring the best tastes Hungary has to offer. To taste the Hungarian cuisine is to immerse yourself into a sea of spices, to let yourself be taken by a wave of unique combinations and to enjoy every bit and every mouthful, like enjoying life itself. Because you cannot really enjoy the Hungarian best unless you learn to enjoy life and everything it has to offer.


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