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Hilda felt the warm yet soothing afternoon breeze brush past her face. She stood and faced the sea as the ship steadily moved forward. Her mouth was left agape at the sight of the gigantic Statue of Liberty extending its cement torch upward. Her brown eyes were glued to it. “Hey, make some room,” a man yelled, brushing past her as she stood like stone in his way. The statue so absorbed her that she did not respond. She heard more people flocking beside her and cheering heartily. Her big moment...
We have all heard the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." Some leaders would give up! As a laser-focused leader, you cannot give up, just add some salt to the oats and they will drink. Leadership is about using your skills and strategies for the best outcome for others!
Losing Control Over Yourself One of the biggest problems we face today in this progressive world is the lack of nutritional food included in our diets. The world is changing rapidly, and so are our habits with each passing year. The world has progressed tremendously over the years, and it has directly affected the way of our living in one way or another.
Far on the edge of settled space, the colony world Mallachrom is mostly wilderness. Years ago, during an invasion by the alien Talroqi, many adults were killed while most of the children vanished, spirited away to safety by the sentient canines known as Shadows.
The world of “The Knights of the Wind: The Power of the Mage” is different as it has humans, elves, orcs, and dark creatures.
A month after the Armistice, Prime Minister David Lloyd George promised to make Britain a 'land fit for heroes'. At the time, it was widely believed. Returning soldiers expected decent treatment and recognition for what they had done, yet the fine words of 1918 were not matched by actions. The following years saw little change, as a lack of political will watered down any reform. Beggars in trench coats became a common sight in British cities.
Idiocy is the best form of comedy, and there is an inexhaustible supply. MORE OF HISTORY’S WORST: 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump celebrates the mad, bad, and just plain mediocre. Generals are more dangerous to their own side, monarchs too looney to be let out of the palace, and politicians who make you weep for democracy. There have been plenty of “best ofs,” but MORE OF HISTORY’S WORST deals with the biggest butchers and buffoons from the ancient world to the bloodstained twentieth...
A Children's Minimalist illustrations Nursery Rhyme for 3-8 Ages. "Are You Aware" encourages young children to see the love and gifts of nature around them--a gentle breeze, the freshness of air, the soothing touch of rain, the sounds of life. Author Ghylian Bell has highlighted these gifts in a way that young children can understand and embrace them. She illustrates how the air we need to breathe and water we need to live and sustain us are also sources of calm and comfort. "Are You Aware"...
Matthew and Sprite are playing a game on the beach when Sprite loses the stick. They both hear a cry for help and come to the rescue. A book about caring for the environment
Matthew lost his dog, Sprite, in the woods. A goat comes to the rescue and the boy suddenly has superhero powers. A book about diversity and inclusion


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