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It is normal for the person on receiving end of manipulation to feel used and abused. Manipulation is always done with a goal or purpose in mind. Understanding the motives behind the manipulation is of utmost importance. Manipulation occurs everywhere and every day. It happens in personal relationships, offices, business corporations, politics and social groups. Manipulation becomes far more plausible and easy when the manipulator knows you are dependent on them. Financial, emotional or sexual...
Relationships are tough. They are complex, puzzled, specific and yet dynamic in nature. The complexity of relationships makes people do things that they wouldn’t do if they were not in love. Attraction, love and respect cannot be bought. Times have changed, generations have changed and gender roles have changed. Finding true love feels harder than ever before. You never know if you can trust someone and put your heart at stake. But how do you love someone if you can’t trust them?
5* THE DEAL by S C Cunningham Sassy Amy Fox hates rules, she's now a new Angel, but for how long? Abusing her powers, lusting after her moody partner, avenging personal scores, protecting the underdog, dishing out tough karma on evil Erthfolk and competing Warlords... will have her thrown below ground. At the age of four, Amy was taken… She survived. A week later, another little girl was taken…She didn't.
Enough success stories. It's time for something else. Join a teenager on their quest for wealth beyond their wildest dreams, as told by their older, wiser, and more cynical self. A short and sweet literary debut. Candid, funny, and unexpectedly moving.
The book serves as a guide for youths and singles as they navigate in the waters of cross-sex friendships.
You know you're dead but you're not quite sure how it happened or where to go? You never got a chance to realize the dream of eating oysters on the half-shell? You insist your spirit can't move on until you find that 1995 issue of Jugs Galore with Miss February before your wife does? You're still not quite sure you're actually in dead mode? Come on in! Uncle Billy can steer you on the right path!
Best friends Melanie Honeywell and Karen Aimee share adventures, hardships and heartaches, and the growing pains of Christian faith.
Best friends Melanie Honeywell and Karen Aimee share adventures, hardships and heartaches, and the growing pains of Christian faith.
Two Kingdoms. Two problems. One solution. An arranged marriage is in the works to combine the lands and families of Princess Aurora and Prince Cade. One side gains wealth. The other gains protection. For Aurora is no ordinary human. She is a Warrior Protect, a title given to those born with the magic of healing and trained for years in the arts of sword and shield-play. Cade is not as helpless as he seems with his magic growing and a natural warrior heart as well. Can they both stop death from...
Book one to a series, Stars Like Fate takes the high fantasy genre to a new place with a twist of mystery. Stars Like Fate takes readers on a journey of lies, half-truths, and a hidden past. With a unique plot filled with twists, subtle and intriguing world building, and alluring character development, it is a read that keeps you wanting more. The stars have always watched over the realms, though none have ever intervened after that first fateful encounter that gave magic to the world. Or so...


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