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Broderick Devereaux receives an invitation to his son, Drake’s wedding, and he decides to make a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship. When Solomon Blackwell, the Rogue vampire who was instrumental in destroying his life two decades ago, sets his sights on Drake’s wife, Ebony; he vows not to allow history to repeat itself. He knows better than anyone that Blackwell will stop at nothing to possess her. To protect her and his son, Broderick must tell Drake the shocking family...
Drake Devereaux was haunted by a tragedy in his past until Ebony Jordan. Drake and Ebony meet by chance and forge an unforgettable connection. As their relationship heats up, Drake realizes he’s falling in love. Instead of embracing it, he allows his fear to drive him away from the one woman who can heal him. After months of being apart, Ebony’s attempt to reach out to Drake ends with a heartbreaking discovery and an unexpected accident that nearly ends her life. Faced with another tragedy,...
Eleven-year-old Ridge Jones and his twin sister Libby discover their Grandpa is not the sheriff they thought he was, launching them on an 1800’s wild, gold rush journey from Cache Creek to Barkerville. The twins-- scared spitless of outlaws-- Rusty Roy, Bad Barry, and their hilariously useless gang of train robbers-- must race to Barkerville before it’s too late to save their family. A wild west adventure with hope, faith, and a sassy goat, this short story is sure to give you a good laugh and...
When Cora’s curiosity causes her to chase down the mysterious noise in her Floating City (Rig), she is swept into a world she doesn’t believe exists. Can Bardsong redeem himself for kidnapping her? Can they work together to save both their worlds? This captivating tale is set 100 years after the polar ice caps have melted, everyone lives on rigs, and the mainland is no longer livable, or is it?
The most thorough investigation and presentation of the architecture in Taipei City with more than 400 photographs and near 80 maps. A complete collection of the date, location, history and designers of significant buildings in Taipei City since WWII.
Samantha is the first book in an exciting new series of backstories to the 'Amie in Africa' series. Samantha is Amie's elder sister, scatty, impulsive, thoughtless and self-centred. She considers herself the brave and adventurous one. As soon as school is out, she is off on a long adventure with Gerry, her long-suffering boyfriend, beginning with two weeks on the Costa Blanca. However, if it can go wrong, it does go wrong, and that is before they have even left the airport. Just how much...
The final book in the #1 bestselling Regency romance series! Lewis Knight left behind his life as the son of nobleman years ago. The rough, scarred man is quite content to use his brute force and bad reputation to help the Earl of Redmere with his smuggling—a ruse to aid the war effort. Knight doesn’t care too much about the reasons behind the subterfuge, so long as he gets paid. And stays busy enough to forget his past for good.
The Zombie Apocalypse has begun... >>>When the dead rise, homework is the least of your problems... Cat’s life is pretty predictable, much like any other teen girl’s, until the short walk home from school becomes a battle for her very survival. In a single breath, everything she knows is torn away, and her world is overtaken by a tidal wave of rot.
The Lectin Free diet that allows you won’t grow fat and maintain your body shapeWhat if you could throw off the hateful fat eating only delicious foods that never make you feel like you’re “on a diet”? And what if I tell you that using food to create your slim body ever is much simpler and more delightful than you can imagine and believe? What if, to maintain yourself in good shape and be healthy, you don’t have to eat boring, tasteless food?
WINNING PUBLIC PROCUREMENT CONTRACTS IN SERBIA- Manual by Slavica Joković/ Amazon Kindle Edition/2017


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