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Writers Federation of New Brunswick award winning short story for the children/ young adult category, Blood Day was created out of a looming deadline, a bit of encouragement and dedication to writing a story. I've always been told we all bleed red, take breaths, and die if poisoned so I often wondered why I wasn't dead yet. In this glimpse of the life of someone who just isn't what the books say she should be, we try to understand what it means to be human, a person and fit in with the...
Danielle a naturalised British Citizen starts a business with a trusted elder brother Abnna. Soon she is enmeshed in a web of black juju witchcraft, troubled marriage, betrayal, fraud, continuous legal battle, and police intervention. Is she fully fortified for the supernatural horror which unleashes its venom on her?
As a young nun at the Corpus Christi Home for Girls, Marva Garcia has always leaned on the Everlasting Arms for wisdom and strength to meet the day-to-day challenges of mentoring delinquent girls. But when her beloved adoptive father is killed during a Muslim coup, Marva sees her orderly world crumbling around her. As she tries to hold her family together, Marva is increasingly drawn to another pair of arms that had been there for her all along. Can she love a man and still love God?
This book is for non-fiction writers and authors looking for ways to use video to market their work and sell more books. Many non-fiction authors who see the huge potential in video marketing are keen to use video or increase their video output, but often are unsure what to make videos about. This book gives you 21 ideas for video content to help you boost your book marketing efforts and increase sales.
Terrified that the police will one day arrest her for the murder of her father, Marva sees suicide as her only option. But before she can carry out her carefully-laid plans, something terrible happens – something that uncovers her closely guarded secret and leaves her groping in the wilderness. Will Marva now be punished for her crime, or will she receive forgiveness and understanding?
Would you modify your daughter’s DNA to end war forever? In the near future, a World Oil War leaves the Midwest in ruins, except for pristine GMO crops controlled by a monopoly, Ambrosia, and the Army, which savagely protects the crops from starving war survivors. A genetic engineer, Rachel Anne Lane hates violence and war, and has protected her unusual 16-year-old daughter, Alexis, since birth. If Rachel modifies Alexis’s special DNA, she can end all wars forever.
The only book ever published that records the effort of the African American community of 1865 to bring the conspirators to justice. Their affection for Abraham Lincoln was so great that they ignored the retribution that was certain for defying the government conspirators and seven African Americans were arrested and put in prison.
Aldo is a mystery/thriller/love story in which a brilliant and dangerous ideologue attempts to eliminate a university’s genetics institute by holding the university’s president hostage.
Inside this unique expose' you'll discover what actually happens once the hard working construction worker steps inside the job site outhouse to take care of business. What is left inside the outhouse is more than what they came to do. The construction worker thoughts about politics, love, hate, women, other workers, the job, anatomy, art, poetry, religion, sex, drugs, and comments about the place where this all occurrs, are all left inside the shitter walls for the other workers to see when...
A book that will have your children seeing vegetables differently. Soon after reading this book they'll be asking for a snack of fruits and vegetables, a dessert made of healthy ingredients instead of the typical junk food. Be prepared with an assortment of healthy foods when this book arrives! BananaBoy is a superhero you'll love just as much as your children will. Follow his adventures and make a change in your life!


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