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Everything has gone wrong. Imprisoned by the Army as a spy, Robin is powerless to stop their genocidal plans for the Fae. Besides, even if he escaped, how could he resolve the ancient feud between the two races? There's too much at stake, which offers enormous power and influence for certain ambitious types. What's worse, Tir na nÓg is about to explode into civil war.
Robin Goodfellow is a murderer, a king-killer. He may be responsible for the armistice between the two races but humanity's gratitude soon fades. Six months on and the Army control the country and paranoia reigns. So when Fae assassins start attacking Robin he receives no help, only suspicion. The portals to Tir na nÓg were supposed to have been destroyed by obviously one remains. Robin needs to find it, and whoever wants him dead.
Robin Goodfellow has lived among humans for centuries. They think he's a demon. So does he. He's exiled from his own race, the Fae exiled him for being a troublemaker. He wasn't. He's also the guardian of two teenagers he once vowed to protect. They don't like him either. Despite this, Robin's wards need help. Sea levels has risen, caused massive flooding so that people live on the brink of survival. It's the perfect time for the Fae to attack, to reclaim their world.
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Lucrarea ne introduce in arta de a comunica la nivelurile profunde ale constiintei, pentru a pune bazele unor relatii vii si armonioase cu sine si cu ceilalti. Pornind de la experienta personala si de la descoperirile cotidiene ale existentei sale, Madi Preda ne ofera cateva repere pentru a explora zonele de umbra ale personalitatii noastre, capcanele si neintelegerile din relatia cu sine si cu ceilalti; a invata sa depasim infrangerile, violentele si suferinta; a avea curajul de a merge mai...
Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda encompass the skills required for preschool and kindergarten.The book is focused on achieving the children development through eye-catching images.This book was designed to help parents and teachers plan the lessons in a funny way so children will be more inclined to do extra-curricular work in class or at home.In addition, worksheets can be created in concordance with what children should learn in preschool and kindergarten, in order to attract and...
If you are looking to take advantage of social media this book is a good overview, with many tips and creative ideas.How to make the most of social media marketing, where to start? Detailed, accessible and practical advice on what to do and how to do it. Planning and research are often forgotten in the rush of getting a book published and drawing up a marketing plan and a carefully planned campaign is the only way to ensure the success of your book and to meet the readers’ requirements.See the...
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A touching and sensitive story of the two seeking for the spring of soul. Of the two having passed a significant part of their lives and being well aware of what they want… A romantic and sensual look at the question, which bothers each of us – what to do when the marriage flame has subsided and the life has become a predictable routine?
The author has composed a set of health-improving techniques, which are aimed at the improvement of health and rejuvenation from his personal experience. In particular, the methods of preserving men's health, selected on the basis of the long-term use, are described in detail. The high efficiency of these was proven by the personal example of the author, who at the age of 60, feels great, leads an active lifestyle and, most importantly, recently became a father.


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