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WAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. Set in the 1990s, TORPOR tells the story of a man searching for his father — and coming to terms with his own identity in the process. At 27-years-old, Peter — or is it Pedro? — is about to wake up from prolonged emotional hibernation to discover what really makes him tick. Follow him on his journey from L.A. to Phoenix to the tropical, mosquito-brined coast of Mexico — an oh-so-human departure from numb suffering into the fearless terrain of wild awakening.
Adrift in Sin City, two young souls are locked in a struggle between life and death. He's a superstar in a gilded cage. She's a modern spiritualist determined to help him break free. Both of them are on a collision course with evil.
Tyler Daly and Abby Porter's lives are shattered in a terrorist attack at one of America's most popular locations ...Starbucks. His injuries paralyze him from the waist down creating overwhelming medical and rehabilitation costs. Tyler makes a deal with the devil, trading his extensive computer skills for the charity of the U.S. Homeland Security Department paying all of his medical and special living expenses. But the devil wins out, and Tyler feels like a hostage to the agency. He wants out...
In February 2008 Julie Harris left home to spend the weekend with an old friend. Several weeks later her battered body was found on a caravan site in Wales. Her husband was later found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life in prison. Steve Harris always protested his innocence, and now, ten years later, evidence has come to light that suggests he may well have been wrongly convicted.
Available for Pre-order. Release Date 27th June 2018
Who is it there, lying deep in your heart? Is it a song? Or a lion? Or perhaps a buzzing bee? With what language does that who within you speak? My Big Book of Beginnings! is a fun and whimsical journey into the nature of our divine essence, our capacity for infinite imagination, and our unlimited potential to create the world we experience around us. This book is guaranteed to awaken the youngest and oldest of us all, into the Truth of our existence and the gifts we came here to bring!
Samantha Dunning needs a change of scenery after a lengthy relationship that ends in a bad breakup. Can a big city girl find peace and happiness in the small town of Shadow Lake as a real estate broker? Just when Samantha begins to enjoy her new surroundings, she meets Calvin Benham, a handsome and charismatic investment broker planning on building a resort in Shadow Lake. But does he have a hidden agenda?
In this beautiful and moving story of love, growth, and redemption among the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Sydney—a teenaged Army orphan—discovers that love knows no bounds and life has many twists and turns of fate. After she is forced to move in with her late mother’s sister Blanche and Blanche’s abusive alcoholic husband Dean, Sidney finds purpose and friendship in Lexy, the daughter of Max Heller the City’s most prominent widower and business magnate.
Previously know as Omerta Affiar Evelyn turned toward the lights of the city. The view was breathtaking as she stood looking down on Las Vegas, lovingly wrapped in Tony’s arms. It was a moment she would keep deep in her heart, forever. “Look at this—The City of Gold!” Evelyn exclaimed as Tony kissed her forehead. “And it’s all ours, Eve!”
Mitch Wilder vows to steal his wife back, knowing that his quest is futile. Claire knows about his other women; the reason they are separated. He must control his rage against his stepbrother, Tom Fleming, for taking Claire away from him. After all, they must work together, running their shipping company. But when Tom is kidnapped and tortured, Mitch realizes that he loves his brother.


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