10 Sure Fire Ways to Get Kids Reading

Getting kids to read in a world full of technology may be difficult, but at the same time it can be done. Navigating the world of reading is something that every kid should learn and learn to enjoy.

Here are 10 sure fire ways to get your kids reading.

Find What They Like
It all starts with finding the types of books that your child likes to read.  Your children won’t like reading if all they ever try to read is something they don’t enjoy.  

Work with them to read across genres to test out different options. If they’ve been nagging for an iPad or tablet, make a deal with them to read one book a month or week in exchange for the cost of the device.

Book Trailers
There are plenty of book trailers on YouTube that make books even more exciting than they already are.  

Try showing these to your kids to lure them into a book or series.  It doesn’t matter if the trailer is fan made or author made, your child won’t care.

You Are Never Too Old For Pictures
Children’s picture books may lose their attraction after a little bit, but there are other books with pictures out there.  

Try to engage your kids with graphic novels or comic books.  These can make a real difference in your child’s engagement level because they can get added visuals.

Magazines Are Great
Magazines are a great option.  Try to find a magazine or two your kid will like and subscribe to them monthly.  

This way your child will always have something new to read.  Amazon and other magazine websites will let you preview a magazine digitally so you can gauge the reception of it from your child before subscribing.

Video Games
Poke your nose into their most popular video games and you may recognise names of books. If they know and love those games, there’s a good chance they will be tempted to delve into the book. Even if you con them into giving you the differences between the game and the book.

Round one done! You have them reading. Now find more of their games that originate from books or comics and pile more books on their bedside cabinet.

Comic Books
Kids love comic books. The images stimulate their imagination. Move them on from comics to illustrated reads for older children. Then, onto young adult fiction.

Daily Reading
Encouraging reading daily is important.  If you have to, set aside a daily reading time.  Turn the TV off and put the phones well away so that there are no distractions.  This will help to ensure they are focused and can fully enjoy the experience.

Dungeons and Dragons
Depending on their age, you could try setting up a game of dungeons and dragons on the dinning table. Give them a box of little animals and miniature people and set them a storyline.

Make sure you give them plots similar to that pile of books you have hiding in wait for them. That could entice them to read about the dungeons and dragons they just re-enacted.

Girlie Journals
This one may for girls and teens. Give them a journal and tell them to start writing notes about the things they love and hate.

After a week or two of them being engaged with the idea, move them on to creating one or two page stories about their bothers. Then, slide those teen angst stories under their noses.

Tricks For Boys
You won’t want to give your lad a journal, but you could do something similar with Lego by getting them to create stories of what happened in the school playground, on the bus or what could happen anywhere, even on mars or the moon. The idea is to nurture a love for storytelling.

Whether it is creating their own magic potions bubbling over the stove, sitting around in the shed on a cold winters night making up ghost stories, hiding in the closet with clues from their own made-up who-dunnit, or any other creative ways to entice their minds in telling stories, once you have captured their imagination with stories, you’ll find it much easy to get them reading.

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