Best Places to Read

Finding a good place to read can make a book far more enjoyable.  It can also help you to read quicker.  Are you wondering where you should try reading? 

Here are some of the best places that people have found to read.

The Library
A library is a must have on any list of places to read.  Most libraries are designed to be comfortable to read in and have plenty of books for you to choose from. 

Best of all, libraries are quiet places where you aren’t likely to have a lot of distraction.

Your Bed
Experts recommend that you should have all distractions removed from your bedroom (aka no TV) so where is a better place to read than in your bed? 

The only thing you will need to resist is the urge to stay up all night reading. Reading is also known to be highly relaxing so it may help insomniacs.

Now this one is a little controversial, but a lot of readers like to set up inside a café.  These places offer a great place to sit down and you can have a nice hot drink to sip on while you read. 

However, they aren’t always quiet.  When we visit my hubby’s mum in Ireland we love going to a local castle-turned-hotel and sitting in their lounge, near the roaring fire and reading …

Take a book on public transportation next time that you have to ride and you will notice that your ride is much more enjoyable.  It will probably also go by a lot quicker.  

You will have something to enjoy and focus on.  Just make sure to be safe and aware of your surroundings. And don’t miss your stop!

In The Garden
There is just something about laying down or sitting on the grass and reading.  The sunshine and the feeling of being outdoors can be a pleasurable additional reading room. 

If you don’t have a garden, yard or patio, look for parks nearby.  Or lay by the pool on your next summer holiday.

Now … where do you like reading?

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