Genres to Light a Fire in Kids

Inspiring kids imaginations and getting them to desire reading is a hard task in a world where video games are so accessible and data can be consumed in short formats on the internet.  Not to mention television.  There’s lots of genres that will excite new readers, so try these first to light a fire in your kids’ minds.

Young Adult

Kids love to read about characters of their own age. Young adult is a broad category that has included characters from their early teens all the way up to the end of their teens.  In fact, just about anything can happen in a young adult series so there’s a lot of reading options.

Young Adult Fantasy

Two of the best genres to inspire kids are the fantasy and young adult categories. So, when you combine the two, you get the best of both worlds.  Your kids get to experience the fantastical world of people their age.

Young Adult Biographies

Parents who want to inspire their kids to read something that isn’t fiction shouldn’t try to push straight learning books on kids.  Instead, aim for young adult biographies where the kids can read about amazing things (and ordinary things) that people like them have been through.

Science Fiction

There is something about space that manages to grab everyone’s attention, both adults and kids.  Hand your kid a good science fiction book and you are likely to kindle something strong in them.


If you want to hook your kid’s imagination before a book is even finished, mystery is a great way to go.  With a mystery book, kids are trying to solve the case before the end.  Some mysteries may not be kid appropriate or at their reading level but there are always series like the Hardy Boys, that any kid can truly enjoy.

Historical Fiction

Did you know that many of the video games your older kids play feature historical settings? Okay, there may be guns, explosions and assassins in the games, but if they watch historic events with that kind of action, why not introduce them to historical fiction. Spoiler Alert: They may just learn good stuff about global historical events.


Thrillers and suspense for older kids and young adults can really grip a young person’s imagination and give them an avid love of fiction. Start them off with those delicious stories where they are wondering who is behind the door or whose heavy footsteps are crunching on the gravel outside at night. Or whose large, hairy hand grabs the ornate door knocker. Or what’s at the end of the long, dark tunnel. Okay, they may not sleep at night, but at least they’ll be up reading!

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