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November Ellison's Horror Review Book Giveaway

November Ellison's Horror Review Book Giveaway

Horror novels have the capacity to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers by inducing feelings of horror and terror. If you like to be scared witless with eerie, gloomy, and menacing stories or if your strongest fear is of the unknown, this horror story will rock your socks.


Pastor Joanna Benally leads a double life. On the outside, she’s dedicated to the work of turning around troubled churches. But inside, she is lonely and unfulfilled, keeping everyone at arm’s length to hide the shameful secrets of her past.

3 Fantasy Book Giveaways

If you walk around with a faraway look in your eyes and build castles in the air, you're in the right place. Don't reach for the stars, set your sights on these fantasy fiction novels. Here we have an Urban Fantasy Feast for fantasy lovers plus mythology, immortals and devils versus angels.

Simply click on the header link to grab your copies.

3 Romantic Book Giveaways

3 Romantic Book Giveaways

Book Hub has new book giveaways for romantic readers. It's all here ... racy, romance adventures, historical action packed romances with medieval battles, belly dancing comedy, betrayal, jealousy and teenage relationships.

Hurry, some of them have a download limits!

Jump Into Hyper-Space With Three Sci-Fi Freebies

Three Sci-Fi Freebies

Sci-Fi lovers will be teleported to outer worlds with our new Sci-Fi Giveaways. Some of them are warpfactor 3 with limited downloads so hurry! Simply click on the green header link to grab your copies.

1. Sci-Fi For Women Street Team

Would you like to be part of a launch for a new sub-genre? Be the first to read a Sc Fi book for women, about women? A Sc fi, chick lit comedy about the battle of the sexes?

Free Sci-Fi Review Copy of Sci-Fi Adventure ~ Milijun

Free Sci-Fi Review Copy of Sci-Fi Adventure ~ Milijun

Grab your free review copy of MILIJUN - a gripping new sci fi novel.

The next phase of human evolution depends entirely on her…

Laura is willing to do whatever it takes for her son. When aliens kidnap her child, it's going to take a lot more than a mother's love to get him back.

After infiltrating a military base, Laura discovers a terrifying secret: the government plans to impregnate women with alien DNA…

Download Kerrie Noor's Free Romantic Comedy Review Copy

romantic comedy free book giveaway

Do you long for a good laugh, a story that makes you feel good?

Book Hub is giving away exclusive review copies of the second in Kerrie Noor’s Belly Dancing and Beyond series- along with the chance of a free review copy of the third before it is released at the end of the year.

If you like romantic comedy with a twist,then maybe you have found the next book for you to enjoy.

Young Adult Urban Fantasy Review Copy

Young Adult Urban Fantasy Review Copy

How far would you go to save a friend?

From award-winning author JB Michaels, creator of The Order of St. Michael: A Bud Hutchins Thriller and the Tannenbaum Tailors series. Bud Hutchins returns in an action-packed urban fantasy set in Chicago, home to the world's most notorious urban legends. A murder rocks Chicago Metro University. Maeve, a monk of the Order of St. Michael, faces possible annihilation.


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