Book Marketing

Marketing your self-published book is an ongoing task. Most self-published authors agree that new authors who decide to self-publish underestimate the amount of work that is needed to market your book in order to get sales. Follow our hoard of PR and Book Publicity tips to get your book noticed in your local and regional media.

Cross Promotions For Authors

Cross Promotions For Authors

Why are more and more authors using Cross Promotion and Newsletter Swaps to promote their books? As an author who has grown a mailing list super-fast with cross promotions, I've broken down this complex yet simple enough process into the nuts and bolts so anyone new to this concept can see how joint author cross promotions work. You may want to join some of our 2017 cross promotions for authors keen to boost their book marketing campaigns.

Authentic Book Reviews For Indie Authors

Authentic Book Reviews For Indie Authors

Publishing a book is one thing and getting your book to reach a wider audience while having an impact on your reader’s minds and lives will require you to consider all the constraints involved and to do the right steps that will go into publishing your book. One of those steps is to find book reviewers and getting reviews for your books.  So the big questions that pops in your head is where to find book reviewers?

3 Awesome Social Media Tools To Promote Books

3 Awesome Social Media Tools For Book Promotion

Social media is a great tool for self-published authors to engage and interact with reading fans, as well as build relationships up with influencers and potential future readers and fans. However, being active on social media can be a 24/7 job and not always the best use of time. It can also be confusing to keep track of what works for which platform, especially if social media isn’t your forte!


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