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Marketing your self-published book is an ongoing task. Most self-published authors agree that new authors who decide to self-publish underestimate the amount of work that is needed to market your book in order to get sales. Follow our hoard of PR and Book Publicity tips to get your book noticed in your local and regional media.

3 Tips To Set Up Your Google Plus Author Profile

3 Tips To Set Up Your Google Plus Author Profile

Social Media is an important step in creating a marketing plan that will sell self-published books. With so many social media platforms to keep up to speed with, busy authors would be forgiven for neglecting Google+ and not perceiving it as a useful tool for promoting their books.

As time is such a precious commodity, getting to grips with a new platform and making time to get the most out of it could easily be put on the back burner. 

3 Essential Marketing Audiences For Your Self-Published Books

3 Essential Marketing Avenues For Your Self-Published Books

It's a simple fact that without some marketing, your book won't sell well beyond your immediate friends and family. While self-publishing allows you to publish your work exactly how you want it, giving you freedom and control, it has also resulted in a very crowded book market. Hundreds of new books are published every day and, without marketing, your book stands very little chance of making decent sales.

Preparing A Book's Press Release

Preparing A Book's Press Release

A press release is a notice or story sent to the media with the aim of attracting their interest and gaining valuable editorial space in their publication when you launch your self-published book.

A press release about your book or you as the self-published author can be sent directly to your chosen media contact or through a newswire or PR Planning service. Your press release should be well-written before you submit it to the media.

How 2 Find Book PR Angles

Here's a few ideas on how to find PR angles for your book

So you have self-published your book and now you're ready to start promoting it. You may have read some of our book marketing advice for self-published authors and you're putting your plan of attack together.

Great stuff.

Now you'll also need lots of ideas for getting free publicity for your book so bone up in our gallery of articles on Free Book Publicity. Here's a few ideas on how to find PR angles for your book ...

Create An Online News Room

Every self-published author needs an online newsroom or media centre

Every self-published author needs an online newsroom to send a clear message to the media about your book(s) and any future books you self-publish. Some websites call this simply the news, others the newsroom, the press room or the media centre.

Whatever you decide to call it, you must add all the information the media could need about your book(s). In a nutshell, this will include:


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