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Create Fictional Characters With Zodiac Signs

Stars Help Understand Your Characters

A Writer's Guide to the Zodiac: How the Stars Can Help You Understand Your Characters. This book is a MUST for all authors, novelists, writers, aspiring writers and self published writers!

Astrology offers writers a powerful tool - a means by which to get to know the characters in any story - how they feel, think, and what motivates them.

As the individual energies associated with the star signs are explored, each character comes alive and their destiny is revealed.

Building Believable Novel Characters

Building Believable Novel Characters

Think of Scarlett O’ Hara from Gone With The Wind or Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. They never ever lived and they’ll never die. Yet Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee made their characters so believable they became immortal.

In our special featured series on building fictional characters we are building a reference so you can create characters who think, love, hope, cry, feel pain and even inflict pain.

Engage Your Reader With Character Emotions

Give Your Fictional Characters Emotional Impact

As an aspiring novelist you need to ensure your reader can relate to your character. Your reader needs to know the depth of emotion being experienced. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi's Emotion Thesaurus explains that as emotional beings, feelings propel us. They drive our choices, determine who we spend time with, and dictate our values. Emotion also fuels our communication, allowing us to share meaningful information and beliefs with others.

Make Your First 50 Novel Pages Sparkle

The First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke probably is one of the best writing reference books I have read. It is littered with different coloured post it notes sticking out the side for a quick jump back into it at any time. Why one of the best books? Oh dear, where do I begin? It’s the kind of book you want to read and re-read and re-read. You want to force every sentence to stay permanently fixed in your writing head.

Learn How To Write Your Novel

Learn How To Write Your Novel

One thing I love about being editor of iHubbub is receiving excellent writing books! As an aspiring novelist I soak up all the knowledge a good writing reference guide can offer.

Three valuable reads on the craft of writing are shown here in the Write Great Fiction series from Writers Digest Books along with other excellent books to help you write your novel - you may even get it done in 30 days!

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