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We're keen to promote all authors. You'll get a free listing of your self-published book on our Books page and if you have an interesting story to tell, get in touch and we'll work with you to drum up some free publicity.

To submit your books, please follow these guidelines.

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Quick Details For Web Savvy Authors

  1. Register and add profile details
  2. When you're logged in, hover over 'Me' on the menu
  3. Navigate to 'List Books' ~ see screenshot below
  4. Add as many books as you want

Please contact us if you have any suggestions to improve Book Hub.

Detailed Book Submission Guidelines For Non Web Savvy Authors

When submitting any mainstream traditionally published book or your own self-published book have the following info to hand - to make it easier to add your submission:

IMPORTANT NOTE: please do not use first person i.e. our, we and us. This info MUST be written in THIRD PERSON so the reader knows this listing is not run by this site:

  1. Name of book
  2. Author's name
  3. Give a short summary or synopsis of your book, something along the lines of your book cover back summary including keywords that best describe your book. Feel free to add other details = please do NOT add bullets, each entry is a new line - we will add the bullets.
  4. IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: don't copy directly from a 'Word' document. It will paste hidden 'Word' HTML into your submission and you will be unable to remove it. We suggest writing an original piece or copying into a notepad to remove any HTML and then pasting into the field.
  5. Add tags such as the genre (thriller, romance etc) = as you start typing the tags will auto-populate and you can select one. See our tag cloud for a full list of existing tags so you can stick to the same format - this will ensure your book lands on the 'tagged' page otherwise it won't be visible.
  6. Price
  7. Book link - this could be for selling your books from your site or any other publishers site - you may want to add this for promo purposes. 
  8. Amazon link - we've added this so anyone viewing your book has at least two ways of BUYING your book! And linking to Amazon will help improve your Amazon rankings.
  9. Image which best shows off your book. When you upload your image, you will see fields for: Alternate Text and Image Title. Please do add a short snappy keyworded sentence - this is for both accessibility purposes and SEO.

Register To Add Your Book

Here are the steps to promote your book amongst our readers:

1. Pop over and register before you can submit. Or hit REGISTER on the menu.
2. You will receive a verification email to prove you are human.
4. PLease make sure you enter as much as you can when your register because this info is shown in your profile on the Authors page.
5. PLEASE NOTE: Your Social Media Links are automatically added to any pages where you add content therefore you DO NOT need to add this into the books page summary. If you have completed it at registration or by editing your profile via the ME menu  - it will be added to your page - as if by magic!

a) Twitter - let others see more about your social tweets, and we will tweet your book. Please only use the full Twitter URL not your @username.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the full web link with the This will become a direct link to your Twitter page. Otherwise your link will break!

b) Facebook - our visitors can like you on FB - and so will we.

c) Google Plus -more sharing via Google ...

d) YouTube - show us and our visitors your video channel link.

Submit Your Book Here

Here are the steps to submit your event:

1. When you have verified your email, please login here. Or hit the ME on the menu.
2. Then submit your book here.
3. PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT logged in you will see a 'Whoops' error page so you must be registered and logged in to access this submission page.

Edit Your Book Listing

If you need to come back at any time and edit your book listing, follow these steps:

1. Login here. Or hit LOGIN on the menu.
2. Find out how to edit your book.

Submit A Guest Post

Please pop over here if you'd like to submit a Guest Post.


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