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How to Write Fight Scenes

How to Write Fight Scenes

As a self-published writer you need your novel’s fight scenes to sizzle and you have to ensure your characters fight in the best location using the weapons suited to your genre. Sounds pretty tough if you’re not street smart and haven’t been in a fight yourself.

Scene And Structure

Scene & Structure by Jack M. Bickham

I’ve often confessed that I am obsessed with reading writing guides to help me (and other authors) to create a page-turning novel that has readers staying up late at night because they simply can’t stop reading.

Any aspiring writer who has every intention of self-publishing their book simply has to read Jack Bickham’s Elements of Fiction Writing - Scene & Structure by the fantastic publisher of writing resource books, Writers Digest.

Why Is Dad So Mad?

Why Is Dad So Mad by Seth Kastle

In our search to find how a writer can self-publish their books and get funding to kick start their self-publishing journey, we have found some amazing Kick Starter projects that have not only been successful at funding their self-published book, but many of them have exceeded their funding goals.

Here we interview Seth Kastlewith his book, Why Is Dad So Mad?, with Illustrator Karissa Gonzalez-Othon and creative Director and publishing partner Lyndsey Dugan of Dugan Design.

Captivate Your Readers

Captivate Your Readers by Jodie Renner

After reading Jodie Renner’s Write A Killer Thriller I was dead keen to read her new book on how to Captivate Your Readers.

When I read Killer Thriller I found it easy to read and stuffed to the gills with short sharp paragraphs giving vital advice to thriller writers like me. So easy and compelling to read that it was just the page turner that Jodie was advising the reader to create for their thrillers.

Needless to say when I spotted Captivate Your Reader I suspected it would similar.

I wasn’t wrong.


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