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A Brief Guide to the Supernatural

A Brief Guide to the Supernatural: Ghosts, Vampires and the Paranormal by Dr Leo Ruickbie

A Brief Guide to the Supernatural: Ghosts, Vampires and the Paranormal by Dr Leo Ruickbie is for those writers who are new to supernatural elements in a novel. If you intend to self-publish your novel it will need to be well-researched and up to date on what writing supernatural really means.

However, writers who are old-hats at writing supernatural stories can also learn from this documented guide in all the major areas of the paranormal.

Writing About Magic

Writing About Magic by Rayne Hall

Are you writing about magic or magicians or witches or anything to do with Fantasy Fiction?

After Rayne Hall showed us how to put the eeeek into writing scary scenes for those of us writing thrillers, we thought it apt that she weaves a little bit of magic over us to get us into the mood for our feature on Writing Fantasy.

How To Write For Children

How To Write For Children

In my own quest to write a fabulous page-turning book for children, I am writing an article on writing for children and how an aspiring author of children’s books can look for information that will fuel their children’s novels.

As a self-published or mainstream published author of children’s fiction can you help us with any of these questions?

Writing Your Children’s Novel

There are so many questions on writing for children, these spring immediately to mind ...

Finding The Human Behind Your Book

Finding The Human Angle Behind Your PR and Book Publicity Campaigns

Once you have self-published your book, you'll need a good book marketing plan along with a PR strategy to get free publicity for your book.

Book PR is an exciting way to promote your new self-published book. If you optimise your press releases with keywords that relate to your book's topic or fiction genre you will also bring traffic (aka book readers) to your site.

These good quality links will also help to increase your Page Rank.

Writing Scary Scenes

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

If you love to scare your readers and you're writing a thriller, crime novel, a mystery or any other piece of fiction that requires you to write a scary scene, you need to read on. Rayne Hall's eBook Writing Scary Scenes will guide you through the process of creating a fast paced novel.

With stacks of scary books under her belt, and writing Fantasy Fiction along with Horror Fiction, Rayne's author motto is: Dark * Dangerous * Disturbing.


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