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How 2 Self-Publish Your Own eBook

How 2 Self-Publish Your Own eBook

How many times have you heard that saying: I have a book in me? And how many times have you uttered those very words only to be put off with all the faff of getting a publisher?

Well now may be your big chance to get self-published by writing, creating and uploading your own eBook to the tops sites that could sell it for you.

MagBook divided their pocket guide into five easy to read sections. You start with ‘Why do you want to write a book?’

What Is A Metaphor?

In my writing nuggets, Ron Rozelle tells us aspiring novelists that a metaphor is an implied analogy - it suggests a similarity without actually saying that the simialirty exists. It makes your reader think of a thing or an action that is not the thing or the action that you are describing.

How 2 Use Semi Colons In Writing

How To Use Semi Colons In Writing

What is a semicolon? And how do you as a novelist use it in your writing? In my topic on nuggets of writing advice, Ron Rozelle in his book on Description and Setting explains that while colons can be used in several ways, semicolons have only one function. But, according to Ron, it’s a very important function. They connect two otherwise complete sentences without resorting to conjunctions like ‘and’ or ‘then’, thus letting you avoid two unforgiveable offenses:

A Writer's Guide to the Zodiac

A Writer's Guide to the Zodiac

A Writer's Guide to the Zodiac: How the Stars Can Help You Understand Your Characters. This book is a MUST for all authors, novelists, writers, aspiring writers and self published writers!

Astrology offers writers a powerful tool - a means by which to get to know the characters in any story - how they feel, think, and what motivates them.

As the individual energies associated with the star signs are explored, each character comes alive and their destiny is revealed.


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