Choosing A Book Formatting Design

Choosing A Book Formatting Design

When it comes to formatting your self-published book, your wheels may fall off your wagon. This is often a headache for many or even most writers who decide to go down the self-publishing route. You have the choice of figuring out how to format your book for the various self-publishing platforms or you can pay a professional book formatting company to do it for you or you could simply buy an easy to use template and do it yourself.

Click Pop over to Book Design Templates and you will see the various templates on offer. These book formatting templates allow you to write your full novel’s manuscript in a proper book’s format so that as you type it looks like a book that your reader will pick up. This gives you a cosy, snug feeling as you’re writing away and helps you to see the book exactly in the same formexample of book formatting design template for print and ebooksat that your potential reader will see it.

Easy Reference Book Formatting Guide

If you have already written your novel and are looking around for the best book formatting options, the Book Design Templates will work for you as well because they come with a full instructional PDF which explains exactly how to take your manuscript and format it into the templates that you decide to buy.

The PDF included with the package is meant to be a reference sample so you can see exactly what the print edition of the template will look like to your readers. With eBooks, the conversion process will automatically strip the blanks, which are the backs of pages that are prior to front matter pages when used for print.

The templates are pre-formatted and set with a wide variety of styles, customized trims, leading and pagination. Technically any writing aiming to self-publish their own books could spend the time and effort to try to reverse engineer a book layout from reading the formatting guide in detail.

However, if you purchase one of the Book Design Templates it gives you so much convenience and expertise that goes into your chosen book design format.

The Book Designers have spent months of development time getting these just right, so there is lots of book formatting value with within their templates.

An example of this is the odd page breaks – which give you a professional looking book format that all mainstream publishers use. These are pretty easy to spot and use, and shouldn't hamper the author in any way with their writing. See more below on this point formatting template

Writing Your Manuscript In A Template

Some authors ask if they should write their book in another template and then transfer to their new Book Design template or just dive right in and write within the template. You can go both ways with the template, and Book Design Templates have authors that do both.

Ideally, author who has decided to Self-Publish should read the downloadable guide that comes with their new template because there is so much valuable information in there for helping to decide which route to take.

The knowledge up front will help steer you in the right direction. For example, knowing the printing sizes and then getting costs will determine a rough word count so you are aware of keeping your writing focused and sharp throughout the novel.

Self-Publishing encompasses a dozen different disciplines and knowledge is real and tangible power for the self-publishing author. It can mean the difference between a bestseller and a humbling experience.

With the Book Design Templates 2Way templates, authors can do both ebook and paperback formats with the same template file, saving time in trying to format for both. Their high-end print and eBook bundles on the other hand are made to use two different templates to get the most out of each format.

They usually advise any new writer buying a book design template to go with print first, and then transfer over to eBook.  The ebook templates require a simplified layout and style compared to the print version, so people usually sail right through the eBook format once they have the print completed. You may also want to find out about their cover template - Click here to view more details

Sizing Your Self-Published Book

Sizing of your new novel can become a minefield. Dont' fret about this. Book Design Templates offer templates in a variety of the most popular sizes from 5.25x8" through 8.5x11. They also offer custom trim sizes if a self-published author needs something that they don't stock. childrens book formatting template with fancy fonts

Trim size has a huge impact on page count and how the book feels in the hand. Most novels tend to work best in 5.5x8.5 or 6x9. For the non-fiction offerings Book Design Templates have larger sizes like 7x10 and 8.5x11. In the end, you as the author should try to balance page count, which means cost, with how you want your self-published book to handle.

The 2Way and eBook templates can be converted to any of the standard eBook formats. Word doesn't have a native eBook converter, but there are several convers like Calibre, Sigil, Smashwords, and Amazon's KDP that do a great job. With your new template you will receive instructions for several of these popular options in the formatting guide.

The file format of your self-published book is less important than the actual platform you decide to go with. There are a multitude of vendors who offer distribution platforms that can fit an author's marketing plan and profile.

What is really great about the various templates on offer is the range of fonts that make a book come alive to a reader. Such as this children's book formatting template example shown above on the right.

Formatting Platforms For Your Book

Many authors go only with Amazon's KDP, where they can bundle the eBook with their print book, get some free promo days with Amazon, and have a worldwide market for their eBook. Others choose to go with Smashwords or Bookbaby, Lulu, Ingram Spark, or others who have wide-reaching partners and distribute to wider audiences like iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Nook, and similar.

Each have their own cost structure and distribution rules that you should research first to see if it fits your budget and marketing plan. There really isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, just like there isn't a standard issue author. It's a great time to be independent and there are so many great options.

Also if you are writing a children’s book and want to insert an image or illustration but not taking up the full page as you may see in one of the templates of the Peter Rabbit template book. You may prefer to only have a small image with the chapter title.childrens book formatting template

Either way, with your new Book Design Template you have total control over how your images are displayed in the template, since the templates use the full feature set for image insertion and manipulation of Word. You can insert a smaller image, or even resize or reposition a larger one to visually create what you like on the page. Simply use the insert image tools in word. Or you can find out about a book proposal template - Click here to view more details.

Inserting Page And Section Breaks 

In my own templates from Book Design Templates I noticed that most have the odd page section break which allows the chapters to start on a right page. This may not suit authors on a tight budget. Even authors like Dan Brown and Dean Koontz don’t always adopt this policy and their publishers have decided to use a book formatting template that goes straight from one chapter to the next even if on the same page.

You can actually go either way with the section breaks, as you have several options at your disposal.  The Section Break (Odd Page) will start the chapter on the next odd page, and insert an invisible blank page automatically to make that happen if needed.  Optionally, you can use a Section Break (Next Page) to omit inserting any blanks and just start the chapter on the next page.

You can also use a page break to move to the next page, but the running heads will continue as if there is not a new chapter.

And finally, if you do decide to buy a format from Book Designer Template and then would still like the experts to run a professional eye over the various formats for ease of upload to their platforms, they have a quotation system that is customized to the author’s requirements and price all work based on your specific requirements.

Our Opinion Of These Book Formatting Templates

With these Book Design templates you simply cannot go wrong when you choose which platform that you will end up using when you self-publish your book.

The Book Design Templates are professional, stylish and so easy to use.

Best of all as you are writing your novel inside any of the fiction templates, without a shadow of doubt you will feel like a professionally published writer. You will get the kids to school early and not answer the doorbell when the postman knocks - quite simply because you will be loving each minute of writing your novel in your own personal template that will appeal to your future reader.

We even reckon the templates will help you get your book finished quicker. Why? Because you'll love the writing experience so much more by using such great looking templates!

Click here to visit Book Design Templates.


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