Choosing Self-publishing Or Traditional Publishing

Choosing Self-publishing Or Traditional Publishing

Developments in eBook and Print on Demand technology mean that there are now more options than ever for authors to market and sell books. Authors can submit to agents, catch the eye of a large traditional publisher, publish with a smaller independent, or ‘go it alone’ with the millions of others who are self-publishing using publishing platforms.

But which option is the best one for you and your book? Self-publishing or traditional publishing? We asked CompletelyNovel to help us explain the options open to authors and writers.

Hybrid Publishing

Many authors are often surprised to learn that self-publishing and traditional publishing are not mutually exclusive. Many new authors think they have to pick one, or that if they take the self-publishing route it might make it harder to get a major deal. If this was once true, it’s certainly no longer the case.

Literary agents are now actively looking for writing talent in self-published bestseller lists, and on sharing sites as Wattpad. At CompletelyNovel, we recently conducted a survey and found that 90% of authors wanted help getting a traditional publishing deal. As a result, CompletelyNovel teamed up with Greene & Heaton literary agency in February, and now sends its best books to agents for review each month.

There are already plenty of success stories from authors who are making use of this ‘hybrid’ way of publishing. Authors like E.L. James and Hugh Howey have achieved huge success in self-publishing and then used their clout to get the publishing deal they wanted. At the other end, Bella Andre published several very popular romance novels with big publishing houses before reclaiming financial control by self-publishing her new work.

Things To Think About Before Publishing

This flexibility gives you a lot more choice in how you publish your book, which is great. When choosing where to start with publishing, you should think carefully about what you want out of your book: do you simply want it to be read by family and friends? Is maintaining full control important? Do you want to earn money and take this up as a full-time job? Or is prestige important to you?

Different routes to publication offer different benefits. Traditional publishing deals will continue to offer a degree of ‘quality control’ and prestige, so if this is something you see as important to your goals, don’t give up on it as an option. Self-publishing grants you much more control over the project, and as the royalty amount tends to be higher, you earn much more from the same number of sales.

Keep Your Options Open

However you decide to start publishing, keep an open mind for how you will continue in the future. Don’t think you have to choose one route forever. Do what’s best for you and your book, and keep up to date with new developments in publishing. It’s an exciting time for authors, so make sure you’re capitalising on every opportunity.

CompletelyNovel is the innovative publishing platform and author community, specialising in print on demand publishing. Check out their other publishing advice!

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