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In my own quest to start self-publishing my books and novels, I am building a list of useful links for self-published authors. If you know of any links, please contact me or add a comment below.

Self-Publishing Formats And Templates

Self-Publishing your own books requires time, thought, research and lots and lots of formats and templates. Here are some I have stumbled upon in my search for the quickest and easiest self publishing book format ...

Book Design Templates

Book Design Templates offers Formatting Guide and Instructions to get the most out of your new Book Design Templates Microsoft Word template! They have free downloads where you will learn how to quickly and easily transfer your manuscript to their templates, apply formatting, and export your newly laid out book to PDF or an eReader device platform.

They also offer a free Book Construction Blueprint and gain valuable insight into how professionally produced, industry-standard books are built. Learn about how the pros paginate, design, and layout retail-quality books that readers have come to expect.


Listing Your Self-Published Books

As a self-published author, you need to start marketing your books and novels. The best way to do this is to get your book listed in as places as possible and on as many online author sites as possible. Start here ...

Authors Den

Authors Den is a global online literary community where you can join for free, share your bio, books, poems, news, blogs and receive reviews, and interact with your readers.

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