Self-Publishing Your Book On Kindle

Self-Publishing Your Book On Kindle

One of the easiest ways to get started with self-publishing today is to publish an eBook on Kindle using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

I popped over to the team at to find out a bit more about self-publishing an eBook with Amazon. I haven’t tried this yet so I am really keen to find out if any self-published authors agree that Kindle is easy to use. Please feel free to leave comments below and share your eBook publishing experience.

Kindle and Amazon offer a step-by-step publishing platform with a huge community of authors, many of whom are self-published, who share their self-publishing background and experience. This is a great way to start your research into your own self-publishing journey.

For those authors who are not computer savvy, you’ll need to bone up on all the online documentation about how to upload your book as a word document or html file or how to prepare and how to publish your eBook to Kindle.

Formatting comes in many disguises: PDF, mobi files, word document, html file, ePub, rich text or plain text.

Fees For Self-Publishing To Kindle

Firstly, there is no set up charges for making your book available as an eBook on Kindle. Amazon make money when authors make money. You can earn up to 70% royalty depending on the list price bracket you choose for pricing your eBook. Kindle want authors to make money because then they make money.

They do suggest that new self-published authors may want to consider dropping the price of their eBook to benefit from more sales. You may not get a lot of money for each eBook sold by doing this, but you could get quantity. Quantity also brings word-of-mouth to your book marketing campaign and so your revenue goes up anyway. Swings and roundabouts as they say …

Keeping Control With Kindle

The key point when deciding to publish an eBook on Kindle is that you as the self-published author get to keep control. Through Kindle you’ll get to distribute your eBook to a global audience and have access to millions of potential readers. This is enormous for self-published writers.

The Benefits Of Publishing An eBook

The facts are plain in today’s self-publishing and printing world. Amazon sell more Kindle eBooks than paperbacks. While printed books are declining there is a rapid increase in Kindle eBooks.
Although personally I prefer a good solid book in my hands when I read, Kindle has made reading much more convenient and easier for people to keep reading while commuting. They also get immediate access and thus buy at least four more times the amount of books.

Kindle offer reading apps which anyone can download for free on whatever device they want to read their eBooks. The benefit of this is that you can sync your eBook with whatever device you’re taking with you. For example you may prefer to read an eBook on your phone when you’re on the bus and on an iPad when on the train and your PC at home. The eBook will sync automatically as it is linked to your Amazon account and you can pick up the exact page you were reading on any of your devices. High tech or what?!

KDP Select

Amazon offer authors a programme called KDP Select whereby you choose to give Kindle exclusivity for 90 days. This allows you to get 5 days of free downloads where you can tell your fans and followers and social media channels to download your book for free on that particular day. Any self-published author who shouts out: Download my book free today will benefit from a spike in traffic to their eBook – and as if my magic – your book jumps up the bestseller list.

Although you don’t earn money from the free download, having your eBook on a bestseller list gives big promotional benefits and can give your book a boost in several ways:

  1. PR story – tell your local and regional media that your eBook is now a Kindle bestseller
  2. People who download the book and like it tell others about it and you get word-of-mouth marketing
  3. It then becomes available in Kindle’s Lending Library where Amazon Prime customers can borrow the eBook. Again you don’t get royalties for this, but you get book marketing advantages. And Amazon has a monthly fund which gets split and a proportion of the fund may come to you if your eBook is ‘borrowed’ from their Lending Library.
  4. Stats for this are: 1 in 500k compared to being found on the 2.5million titles on Amazon so you have a better chance of having your book discovered. Book Discoverability is highly important in your self-publishing book marketing plans.

Find out what Amazon's team suggest you do to market and promote your self-published book.

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