The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth

The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth

As we explore why more and more indie authors are using crowdfunding to fund and market their self-published books, we saw a fabulous project on Kick Starter for The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth from Dreamling Books. We asked Mitch some questions to help any authors new to this concept.

What were your most creative rewards?

We didn't get too crazy with the rewards. We knew most people were just there for the book. The most interesting reward was probably including art prints from the illustrator and a photo print from the author.

What were your most successful rewards?

The $24 reward was by far the most popular. But we had two $24 rewards. One was a limited tier with only 250 signed copies of the book. Those went first. And even at the end of our campaign, we had people messaging us asking if we could somehow get theirs signed or if we'd be willing to offer more signed copies.

What was your best marketing initiative?

We did a lot of things to get the word out there about our book. And we had so many incredible people come on board as partners to promote this book. I think our best marketing initiative was good old-fashion direct emails. Friends, family, brands, blogs, etc. We didn't get too gimmicky with it. We just emailed people and let them know what the book was about, who was involved in making it, and WHY we all collaborated. It seemed like when folks found out what our mission was with this book, that we wanted to inspire people to find happiness, they were very likely to back the prokect.

How did you keep the momentum going?

Social engagement off of Kickstarter was helpful in keeping the momentum going. We were nervous to keep pushing the link to our Kickstarter without any update or new level of engagement. We didn't want our message to wear out on people. So we created Facebook engagement where people could share their favorite childhood memory of exploring along with an illustration from the book. Ultimately, the link to Kickstarter was still in their post, but now people were getting all sorts of new stories about what exploring meant. It was a way of letting people personalize the link they were sharing.

What tips and tried and tested advice would you like to share?

All the leg work is done far before you launch your campaign. Gathering emails from interested buyers and influencers needs to happen in advance. The more emails you have to send your link to upon launching, the better. Not just random emails, but people who have willingly signed up and are excited to hear from you when you go live.

Focus on the first few days and the last few days. Our campaign was like a reverse bell curve. We maintained a good number of backers throughout, but the books ends of the campaign were when we saw the biggest spikes.

Examples Of Tweets That Helped Dreamling Books

  • The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth, written by @chrisburkard is LIVE on Kickstarter! #joyinthejourney
  • Over $20K raised since we launched a day ago?!?! You people are amazing #joyinthejourney If you don't believe me:
  • (Retweet from SoulPancake) See how @dreamlingbooks + @chrisburkard want to inspire the next generation of explorers: #joyinthejourney

Dreamling Books is a crowd-sourced publishing company for inspiring stories. Anyone can submit a story or illustration, and anyone can take part in the publishing process. Working with you, they help to bring your stories to life. Find out more about DreamlingBooks.

See their Kick Starter project for The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth.

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