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Win an Amazon Gift Card to stock your Kindle with loads of new books in our Readers Review Survey. One lucky drawer winner will be chosen from all the entries to win a £25 or $30 Amazon Gift Voucher.

What Makes You Decide To Leave A Book Review?

The best way to thank an author for their book is to leave a review. Reviews are vital for newly launched books to be discovered by readers.

Book reviews help readers to find that book and also enjoy reading it. Reviews also help authors to get their books in front of readers who may only buy a book based on the reviews. So reviews connect readers to books and authors to readers.

But thousands of readers don't leave a review ...

Millions of authors around the world ask readers to review their books, as some of our authors ask our readers in Book Hub's Reviews Requests.

Some readers want to review a book, but simply don't know what to say or get distracted and then forget.

What To Say In A Book Review

We have some suggestions on how to leave a book review here, but the most important thing for readers to know about leaving a book review:

1. Leave a rating, even if you don't know what to say

2. You don't need to be a book critic to leave a review. It's no different from reviewing your recent holiday resort

3. Make it short. Say what did you like or what didn't you like. Say if you'll read that author again

Simple Review Questions

Now Book Hub is keen to know what makes a reader leave a review and we're asking readers why they do and don't leave reviews.

There is no right or wrong answer. The best and most thought through answers will be entered into a lucky drawer to win the gift card ...

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