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August Book Giveaways

Book Hub has some fabulous book giveaways lined up for August. Check them out and download them quickly because some of them have limited copies to giveaway.

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August's Book Giveaways

Here's more book giveaways where authors are asking for a short review if you like the book. Only a sentence is needed about why you liked the book.

In October Book Hub is giving away exclusive review copies of Paula Wynne's new historical mystery thriller. Paula has a huge following on Book Hub so we expect this review request application to fill up very quickly. Don't delay and miss the much sought after sequel to The Grotto's Secret!
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What drives a reasonable man to commit murder?
Travis Martin was the great American success story. A former addict who started the premiere private rehab in the hills of Malibu, California, he had it all: a thriving business, a beautiful wife, and a daughter who was the center of his universe. Unfortunately, when his recovery took a nosedive, everything he built went right along with it.
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In the darkest heart of humanity, 1.Nemo is reborn from light. Now she seeks it.
But to find the truth, she must disconnect herself from the society that sustains her life, and ascend the stairs to where she is forbidden. Beyond, she knows nothing is certain, except death when she unplugs. In a race against time, can she find enlightenment, throw off the chains of oppression and find salvation before her life-support systems fail? Nothing is perfect, and absolutely everything is floored.
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Get lost in the world of the Order of the Anakim, where good and evil collide and fantasy blurs with reality.

If you love Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, enter this exclusive giveaway now! Read thrilling tales about love and loss, magic and destiny. Get swept up as battle lines are revealed between ancient enemies.

In this starter set, you will receive:

    Prelude to a Storm (prequel to the Order of the Anakim series)
    Gathering Storm
    Dark Skies

All entrants will be given the opportunity to join Cecily's VIP Team
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To Kiss the Girl - a heart-warming coming of age story, free right now!
Remember your first kiss? Of course you do! We all love coming of age stories. Even if they are written for boys or girls they have a timeless and ageless quality.  Hans Brunner had a charmed youth, growing up in an amazing old hotel by a lake in Switzerland.  His publisher always urged him to write this story but her never did.  It took him a lifetime to finally find the voice for it. So Hans would love to share To Kiss the Girl with you for free.
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Win $1000 in Books 

These books are all up for grabs in our Super Summer Book Giveaway. Three winners will receive a copy of each book! That's one huge bundle of books to be won. All your summer reading in one go!
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All these authors are giving away books with the fun of you joining in their book launch.

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If you'd like to join in the fun and excitement of helping an author launch a book, 
you can join a Historical Thriller Book Launch Team
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Why not join a Thriller Book Launch Team?
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If you're a Sci-Fi or Fantasy reader, join a Sci-Fi For Women Street Team
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Horror fans join this Dark Fantasy Street Team
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Lastly, don't forget our Monster Book Offer where authors are giving away books on Amazon and from their websites.
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For More Book Giveways Click here, with lots of Freebies Click Here, and stacks more giveaway books Click Here.

For more review giveaways, please visit our Featured Book Reviews Click here
plus we have more review copies on Book Giveaways Click Here
And check out these book quotes from reviewers Click Here.

Have fun reading!
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