Christmas Book News

As Christmas bells start tinkling, I have lined up lots of ways to fill any book lovers' Christmas stockings.

This December you can win two Christmas Reading Hampers (one for adults and one for your kids) and get free review books in exchange for a short review. Once again, I have lots of free books for you to download. Or choose from a long list of books for gifts in the December Book Spotlight. And you can win all three books in my historical mystery thriller trilogy.

Book Review Requests
Some of my author friends have asked me to share their books with you in exchange for a quick review on Amazon.

It's simple. You choose which books you like. You read the book for free, ideally within a month. Then you add a sentence or two to Amazon with feedback and you're done.

If you receive a free book in exchange for your review, please add this to the end of your review: "I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it."

Look at the list of great titles below ~ all waiting for you to read and review them!

Christmas Reading Hamper Giveaway
We have books from Steve Robinson, Dean Crawford, Allison Maruska and Vincent Zandri as well as all the books you see in the book bundle image above. Along with a screen capture and video editing software worth a few hundred and even a perfume called ‘Paperback’ that smells of a bookstore! 

Other great prizes in the Children's Hamper include story cubes for kids, a personalised copy of Treasure Island and loads of great ideas to improve a child's reading. So we have two fantastic hampers for you to win, plus loads of runner up prizes!

Christmas Stocking Fillers 
Check our December Book Spotlight for adding some fantastic books to your stocking fillers. There's also a list of more than 20 free book downloads. Find the December Book Spotlight here and browse the list of books.

How To Win
Adults Reading Hamper: Enter here
Children's Reading Hamper: Enter here

On both, click the 'ENTER' button to get your hands on these exciting hampers.

Win My Historical Mystery Thriller Trilogy
I've been told my 'propulsive, rich in imagery and tension and 'full of twists and turns' thriller also 'has the scariest villain since Hannibal Lector' ~ The Grotto's Secret ~ only 99c.

Share my book trailer for The Grotto's Secret to be entered into a random lucky draw to win all three books in the trilogy. The Grotto's Secret is out now and the next two will follow by mid 2017.

Here's what to do:
1. Share The Grotto's Secret book trailer ~ you can watch it below to see if you like it and want to share it ...
2. Email me the link so I can add you to the lucky draw
3. I will do a lucky draw just before Christmas and announce the winner.

December Book Deals
Find loads of freebies and book deals from a fabulous selection of authors in multiple genres. And the chance to win an eReader or $100 Amazon Gift Card. Find the details at December Reader Rewards.

Now let's get stuck into all these fantastic books that will be delighted if you choose them to read and review within the next month ...

Books Looking For Reviewers

Dream Of Ashes: Accused by the Enclave of working with the killer, Ava James, a mystic, must solve the case before a secret buried in her past is revealed and destroys her.

Please apply here

The Spiritual Warriors: Thrust into a century’s old war, Dante, a warrior of the way, must wield a weapon of evil and unlock its secrets. Will he be in time to save his world before it is destroyed?

Please apply here

Two Of Clubs: When a dragon kidnaps the royal children, Rose (The Two of Clubs) must act quickly, but the snap decision sets off a chain of events that leads to the first war in the history of Vanatus.

Please apply here.

Fire, Aim...Ready: Management ~ A breakthrough management strategy from a top entrepreneurial lawyer for supercharging your relationships with employees, partners, and customers by infusing your vision through every facet of your organization.

Please apply here

Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure: On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions high and heroes… unlikely. Gideon finds is a dodger named Mia, a city steeped in corruption, and a menace at the heart of the Corps which could bring Fortune's new and fragile peace to an explosive end.
Please apply here

Minkie Monster Saves Christmas: Oh No! Santa is missing. Who will save Christmas? Minkie has to take over or Christmas will be ruined. Follow the clues with Minkie. From connecting dots in magic wonderlands to following patterns and tracing numbers and letters, each step gets Minkie one step closer to saving Christmas. Please apply here.

Contact (Encounter Series #1): When a life-changing incident forces Jack to reveal the truth he has been hiding, Eliza's life is turned upside down, and she is thrown into a world she had no idea existed.

Please apply here.

Juarez Liberty: A Zeb Dalton Novella In the anxious days of post-911, a young American soldier faces circumstances so unjust he must choose whether or not he will rise to the occasion on behalf of innocents in the border town turned warzone of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Please apply here

(Almost) Average Anthology: Touches of horror, science fiction, and fantasy weave through the anthology from the opening line of “Sebastian (I Am Death)” to the closing words in “The Long Sleep.” This debut anthology offers the reader a variety of stories with twists and unexpected turns.

Please apply here

Heart of Power: The Siren's Awakening Book: 17-year-old Serena can’t escape her true destiny any longer. She is transformed into a Siren and has to get used to a different name, unusual abilities and constantly attracting every man’s glance. However, two secrets have yet to be revealed and Serena has to make a tough choice.
Please apply here

Vacation Bride: A Tropical Billionaire Marriage of Convenience When Anna Williams lands a spot on the Vacation Bride reality show, she's hoping to give her sick father a break from the Milwaukee winter, not win a rich husband.

Please apply here

Swann: If your parents loved you enough to erase you, who would you become? Thrust into the sexy, ultra-elite social scene, 16 year old Savannah Van Duyn starts Astor Academy armed with her sarcasm, a survivalist’s wit and the insane promise that the school’s geneticist can fix her many problems at the DNA level, a promise that will upend everything...
Please apply here

Soul Search: Fia is a young woman tortured by needy, grasping spirits, but the world thinks she owns the deluxe edition of crazy. When she witnesses a psychopomp leading a dead boy through a portal to the afterlife, she is frantic to learn the secret of how to free herself from the dead. Can she overcome her necrophobia and serve the Guardian of the Dead?

Please apply here

Become A Book Reviewer
Your friends are welcome too so please feel free to send this link to them: Become A Book Reviewer

Feel free to share this email and all these Christmas reads with your friends and family. Good luck, I hope you're one of the lucky draw winners!

Happy Reading and Reviewing!


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