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July Readers News

July is the seventh month in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and the fourth month to have the length of 31 days. It was named by the Roman Senate in honor of the Roman general, Julius Cæsar, it being the month of his birth. Our American readers will have enjoyed the 4th of July so we hope you all had a wonderful celebration. Here’s lots of ideas for holiday reading …




Join A Book Launch Team

After the success of The Grotto's Secret becoming a bestseller and winning The People's Book Prize, Paula is soon to launch the second and third books in the trilogy. The Sacred Symbol is with Beta Readers at the moment. When Paula receives all the feedback it will go to editing and then into the hands of a bunch of VIPs who will help Paula launch the book.

Join Paula’s Book Launch Team


Lucinda E Clarke is looking for readers to join her 'Amie - Final Cut' Book Launch Team.

  • Lucinda is happy to give away advanced reader copies in return for reviews on publication day, plus Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you may have access to.
  • There is also the opportunity for readers to have a spot in Lucinda's Readers' newsletter

Join Lucinda's Book Launch Team

Brian Ference is looking for readers to join his V.I.P. - Advance Reader Street Team.

  • Full members of the team receive a free copy of a new book before its release date.
  • In exchange, they read the book and post their honest review on sites like Amazon.com and Goodreads.com before or shortly after the release date.

Join Brian's VIP ARC Street Team

Would you like to be part of a launch for a new sub-genre? Be the first to read a Sc Fi book for women, about women? A Sc fi, chick lit comedy about the battle of the sexes?

Join Kerrie Noor's street team here


Book Hub is Giving You 2 Books Laced With History

Do you love reading historical fiction? Book Hub is giving away exclusive review copies of 2 books laced with history. These books have already been very popular and there are a few more download copies left, so HURRY!


Books for 99c

We have stacks of books on offer at 99c, check them out at Featured 99c Books

The Grotto's Secret:

The Grotto's Secret: A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins. A healing herb kept secret for centuries.

A TV show host who stands to lose everything. In 1492, risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden.

It remained a secret. Until now ...

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Errant Spark (Elemental Trials, Book 1)

Errant Spark

Errant Spark

In Egalion’s Imperial court, there is splendor and luxury, but it’s also a realm of treachery and cloak-and-dagger political maneuvering that threatens to destroy the peace of two thousand years.

The discovery of ritual human sacrifices and Jex’s growing inability to keep his feelings (and hands) to himself only serve to complicate matters.

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The Boat Man - A Reed & Billie Novel:

The Boat Man - A Reed & Billie Novel
Detective Reed Mattox, just three months removed from the death of his partner, has turned invisibility into an art form. Switching to the K-9, taking over the graveyard shift, moving to a farmhouse miles outside of Columbus, his every move has become predicated on putting as much distance between himself and the outside world as possible.
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Shoot to Wound

Shoot to Wound

Five years ago, Remy Bomar found himself on the wrong end of a military operation in Syria that went terribly wrong, the results catastrophic, his reaction to walk away just years short of his pension and return to his family in Oregon. There he stays, tucked away from the world, until recent events force him out of hiding.

Authorities are convinced these are the acts of an international organization, but Bomar has an aching suspicion that something else is afoot, something that calls back to being out in the desert years before.

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Exclusive Book Giveaways

Unchained: Feathers and Fire Book 1

To Kiss the Girl - a heart-warming coming of age story, free right now!

Remember your first kiss? Of course you do! We all love coming of age stories. Even if they are written for boys or girls they have a timeless and ageless quality.  Hans Brunner had a charmed youth, growing up in an
amazing old hotel by a lake in Switzerland.  His publisher always urged him to write this story but her never did.  It took him a lifetime to finally find the voice for it. So Hans would love to share To Kiss the Girl with you for free.

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Books Looking For Reviews

Every month a bunch of our authors give away REVIEW COPIES which you can download and read. If you enjoy them, please share the book love with a short review on Amazon. 

Featured Review Requests

Lots of readers have mentioned that they want to give the author a review if they like a book, but often don't know what to say.

Think of it as if you were reviewing a holiday resort or a kitchen appliance. What do you like about the book or didn't like, even if it was that the book finished and you wanted to continue reading! You only need to mention those kinds of things in one or two sentences. In return, the authors will gladly give you a copy.

Check Our Featured Review Requests 

Here's a few more review books we found for you ...

DOWNLOAD THEM NOW at these links below.

Unchained: Feathers and Fire Book 1

Unchained: Feathers and Fire Book 1:

Meet Callie Penrose. Is she Heaven's Devil or Hell's Angel? Callie is a middle-class, Midwest American girl.

And a wizard in training. She works for Roland, a member of the Vatican Shepherds – an elite group of twelve warrior priests who travel the world smiting whatever offends them or their Good Lord.

Callie must decide where she stands as a wizard. Will she hide behind a man, or light Kansas City afire with a name of her own? And will she finally come to appreciate God? Or will the demons and monsters in the shadows take her for themselves?

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Something evil has awoken... ‘When his six-year-old daughter Seren starts talking of a ghostly woman who visits her room each night, young widower John Gimmerick isn’t too concerned. After all she already has an imaginary friend. But when his own nightmares begin to merge with reality and when unexplainable things start to happen around the house,

And what he discovers runs deeper and is far more terrifying than he could ever have imagined…’

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Red Herring

Red Herring:

Over and over again, the images — mere pieces of what happened that day — flashed through Tess' mind. The gun in her hand, a man bleeding and writhing in agony on the ground, and her missing mother's utterly terrified face. Desperate to get far, far away from all the tumult, she fled and eventually nestled into a remote corner on the island of Cuba, convinced that no one would ever come looking for her. But she was dead wrong about that.

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Red Herring

Permanent Jet Lag

Nineteen-year-old Lucas Burke prefers being alone. He likes the silence, and he loves not having to care about anyone else’s problems: the less he’s forced to feel, the better. But after a year of college-induced isolation from everyone he used to know, the wedding of a former classmate sends Lucas back home, and that means reconciling with a group of friends that now might as well be strangers.

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Books You May Like

Goodnight, Mr. Spy

Goodnight, Mr. Spy:

Alex and his best friend dinosaur Rex love to play more than anything. When evening comes Alex’s mom asks him to put back the toys, take a bath and go to bed. But Alex finds many reasons to keep playing with Rex instead to prepare for sleep.
“But sleeping is so boring as there’s nothing fun to do!”
His mom replied with patience, “Oh my sweet, that’s just not true.”

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Some of our authors are inviting you to subscribe and find out news about their books and offers. You'll find lots of different books to read when you subscribe to our authors and maybe you'll even fall in love with their stories!


Try My Historical Mystery Thriller

The Grotto's Secret, is listed in the 99c books above. I've been told my thriller is 'propulsive, rich in imagery and tension and 'full of twists and turns' with 'the scariest villain since Hannibal Lecter' ~ The Grotto's Secret ~ only 99c.

Watch the book trailer below ...


That's all for this month. I'll see you again next month with more book offers and news.


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