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What are you doing for the summer? Whether you live in the north or south and going into winter or summer, it will soon be time for the kids to be on school holiay. That gives parents loads of time to read. Therefore Book Hub has selected lots of June's offers and giveaways ...

Yay, it's nearly summer holidays so start planning your summer reading!


Join A Book Launch Team

We have several authors who are keen to hear if any of our readers would like to join their Book Launch Team. Brian Ference and Lucinda E Clarke want you to join their teams. See the details below.

We are also looking for readers who want to get involved with books from the very first draft.

Beta Readers play an important part in helping authors (both new authors and established authors) to get their novel ready for publication. Beta reading is done before the story is published, and most often before the book is even edited, so the author can make any amends to the story before it is published. Find out how to become a Beta Reader and what it entails.


Lucinda E Clarke is looking for readers to join her 'Amie - Final Cut' Book Launch Team.

  • Lucinda is happy to give away advanced reader copies in return for reviews on publication day, plus Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites you may have access to.
  • There is also the opportunity for readers to have a spot in Lucinda's Readers' newsletter

Join Lucinda's Book Launch Team

Brian Ference is looking for readers to join his V.I.P. - Advance Reader Street Team.

  • Full members of the team receive a free copy of a new book before its release date.
  • In exchange, they read the book and post their honest review on sites like Amazon.com and Goodreads.com before or shortly after the release date.

Join Brian's VIP ARC Street Team


Book Hub Is Giving You 150 Books For Summer

We are very excited to be giving away more than 150 free books. Below is an image of only half of what you will be able to download. Download your summer reading before you pack your luggage!


Books for 99c

We have stacks of books on offer at 99c, check them out at Featured 99c Books

The Grotto's Secret: A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins. A healing herb kept secret for centuries.

A TV show host who stands to lose everything. In 1492, risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden.

It remained a secret. Until now ...
Download this book



Books Looking For Reviews

Every month a bunch of our authors give away REVIEW COPIES which you can download and read. If you enjoy them, please share the book love with a short review on Amazon.

Featured Review Requests

Lots of readers have mentioned that they want to give the author a review if they like a book, but often don't know what to say.

Think of it as if you were reviewing a holiday resort or a kitchen appliance. What do you like about the book or didn't like, even if it was that the book finished and you wanted to continue reading! You only need to mention those kinds of things in one or two sentences. In return, the authors will gladly give you a copy.

Check Our Featured Review Requests 

Here's a few more review books we found for you ...

DOWNLOAD THEM NOW at these links below.

Souls Collide: Things thought long dead reappear, forcing Kara, a Norse Valkyrie warrior, and Gaspard, a centuries-old vampire, and their paranormally sensitive neighbor Adelaide, to work together to put them to rest forever, or at least, for now. Kara and Gaspard’s growing attraction forces Kara to reconsider her feelings about vampires and her belief that they are soulless monsters. They find themselves in an improbable alliance to prevent the Soul Wars, an epic battle between vampires with souls and those without, which a real god swears could shake the very foundations of the Earth.
Download Here.

  Death Toll Rising: 
A gripping thrill ride in the tradition of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Jack Reacher and Harlan Coben, Death Toll Rising will keep you up all night! HBO's Homeland on steroids!

The suspense will push you to the edge!

Download Here.


Eadric And The Wolves: A Novel Of The Danish Conquest Of England Eadric of Mercia becomes one of the most charismatic and powerful men in England, sharing a life with a Danish beauty while married to an English princess. However, haunted by the public murders of people close to him, he will be forced to choose between his eminent status and loyalty to his own Anglo-Saxon people, and his desire for justice--and revenge. EMAIL Request: Readers are invited to contact the author David Mullaly at
loonielion@gmail.com and an eBook version of the novel will be sent by return email.


Shifter Clans Complete Series Box Set: After being kidnapped as a child, Christy Daine was sent away from her shifter clan to live among humans. For over a decade she has lived in fear of the people who tried to kill her. Living with her bodyguard, Ronan, the two embark on a secret relationship that could get them both killed. As the alpha’s daughter, can she really choose between the man she loves and the man she is supposed to be with? And who can she really trust? Download here.


Murder At The Jolly Jester: A little put out by this unexpected turn of events, Ronald takes a look, but soon finds himself the chief suspect in a particularly gruesome murder. With the police seemingly convinced of his guilt, Ronald is forced to investigate the murder himself, and that is where the problems start.
Drawn into the murky underworld of drink, drugs and lust-filled affairs, Ronald finds allies where he least expects them as he attempts to clear his name. Can he prove he is innocent of the murder at the Jolly Jester?

Download Here.



Download Free Chapters

How often do you see a new author's book and wish you could read the first few chapters to see if you'd like the book? Well, now you can!

There's more than 50 free chapters to download here.



Books You May Like

 Feral: "Something about lethal, predatory, shifter Luke calls out me. He's my fated mate. It tears me apart, but I must walk away from him to find my blood family. What I hadn't counted on was uncovering secrets about my past. Revelations that change my life forever.
I now face
the ultimate test to become Alpha. If I lose, the future of my pack is at stake. Can I overcome the challenge, while winning back the only man I want to be with?"

A standalone paranormal romance sizzling with love, lust, betrayal and shifters. Contains violence and scenes of a sexual nature. This is book 1 of 2 in the main Many Lives Series. This duet is complete with Feral and Taken. Find out more about Laxmi's books.

Or pick up a free book from Laxmi.

City of Masks: Waking in Anaskar Prison, covered in blood and accused of murder, nobody will listen to Notch's claims of innocence until he meets the future Protector of the Monarchy, Sofia Falco.

But Sofia has her own burdens. The first female Protector in a hundred years, her House is under threat from enemies within, the prince has made it clear he does not want her services and worst of all, she cannot communicate with her father's sentient mask of bone, the centuries-old Argeon. Without the bone mask she cannot help anyone -- not herself, and certainly not a mercenary with no powerful House to protect him. Download Here.


The Counterfeit Twin: When Socrates Cheng is hired to recover stolen documents, he comes face-to-face with the most perilous investigation of his career.

He learns that the documents contain an explosive secret: that revered Confederate General Robert E. Lee was born a black slave who passed for white. Download Here.




Follow your Dream: This story tells the readers that if you have a dream, no matter how impossible or highly unrealistic it may seem to everyone else around you, you need to walk towards it regardless of the struggles you may face. Eventually, you will make it happen.

Download Here.



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Some of our authors are inviting you to subscribe and find out news about their books and offers. You'll find lots of different books to read when you subscribe to our authors and maybe you'll even fall in love with their stories!

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Try My Historical Mystery Thriller

The Grotto's Secret, is listed in the 99c books above. I've been told my thriller is 'propulsive, rich in imagery and tension and 'full of twists and turns' with 'the scariest villain since Hannibal Lecter' ~ The Grotto's Secret ~ only 99c.

Watch the book trailer below ...


That's all for this month. I'll see you again next month with more book offers and news.


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The Grottos Secret Historical Conspiracy Thriller Book Trailer


Watch The Grotto's Secret Book Trailer










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