November Book News and Offers

November Book News and Offers


November Book News and Offers

Thank you for being here on my Readers List. As I told you last month, I am setting up a big Christmas Reading Hamper and Children's Reading Hamper, which will open for entries on the 1st of December. Keep a watch for my email to land in your inbox as December dawns. In the meantime, this newsletter is crammed with exciting books that may whet your reading appetite.

1. Recommended books to read this winter
2. 99c books to download now
3. Free books to download direct from authors
4. First Chapter Spotlight
5. Mystery Thrillers at 99c
6. Historical Fiction at 99c
Lastly, check out our Monthly Book News which which gives you more free books to download plus free books looking for reviews.

Now, let's start feasting on this buffet of books ...

Mystery Thrillers

Mystery Thriller 99c Promo: How about trying some new authors? These mystery thriller books will be 99c only on the 12th and 13th November.

Historical Fiction
If you like historical fiction, these Historical Fiction Books will be 99c only on the 12th and 13th November.

Recommended Books To Read

The Nuremberg Puzzle: A trip to Germany drops Sean Ryan into a mystery he has little hope of emerging from alive. Back in London, his wife, Isabel, has discovered why her grandfather committed suicide. Sean has flown to Nuremberg to speak at an archaeological conference. An old friend there, Eleni Kibre is angry about the extreme anti-refugee groups spreading across Germany. An hour later she's savagely murdered. Download this book here.

Worlds Away: Sci-fi Alien Romance Paris had lost her parents at a young age and instead of going into the foster system, she ended up on the streets. Sure, life was tough for a 17-year-old girl with no one to turn to, but she made her way on the streets of Los Angeles for years. That is, until one day when she was no longer on the streets.  Download this book here.

Sorceress Awakening: When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years. Extra complications arise when she realizes she’s concealing a forbidden love for her guardian. While she might be able to defeat the Riven with Gregory’s help, she does not know if her fragile new love can survive the evil growing in her own soul.   Download this book here.

The Immortals: A fantasy romance: Connected by a gift from the Angel, Colin and Anna have long shared a bond she promised was unbreakable, but when Anna disappears from him, Colin will discover that the demons he’d agreed to fight on behalf of Heaven are far from the most terrifying creatures to walk the Earth.  Download this book here.

Immortal Killers: Nathan Flynn is trying to get a start in life - law school, internship, and a fiancé. But when he finds himself on the wrong end of a knife, everything changes. He should have died. Instead, he acquires a unique ability - he harbors two souls in his body. If he dies, he loses one soul yet continues on. As long as he replenishes his second soul, he cannot be killed - he's immortal.Download this book here.

Wraith Trilogy: Read the thrilling YA paranormal series that follows seventeen-year-old Jane Watts as she navigates the thin line between this world and the afterlife. Friendship, love and family are put to the test in Wraith, Shadow Bound and Grave Possession. Now all together in one fantastic bundle! Includes an additional excerpt of Connor's POV, titled We're All Mad Here.  Download this book here.

Her Blackened Soul: Can a witch so deeply rooted in darkness that saturates her heart and soul ever have a reprieve? Find out by reading the dark fairy tale "Her Blackened Soul", the first instalment in Isra Sravenheart's Blackened Series. Are you brave enough to enter her bewitching kingdom and live to tell the tale? Download this book here.

99c Books To Download Now

The Grotto's Secret A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins. A healing herb kept secret for centuries. A TV show host who stands to lose everything. Castile de Granada, 1492: Risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden. It remained a secret. Until now ... Download this thriller here.

Black Diamond: Camille Blackwell, an undercover FBI agent, poses as a jewelry purchaser in an international diamond trading company in hopes of identifying the domestic players in a vicious rebel group suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds. In a borderless game of cat and mouse, will a chance at happily ever after be thwarted at the deadly scheme of the faceless leader of the Imperial Dynasty? Download this 99c book here.

The Viscount Besieged: Isadora’s secret plan to save her family is frustrated by the arrival of the Errant Heir, with plans of his own. As Isadora prepares to thwart him, Lord Roborough’s friendliness and warmth undermines her determination—until she discovers he is a hardened gamester. As Roborough struggles to recover a wasted inheritance and counter Isadora’s attempts at sabotage, he is both intrigued and infuriated by her mercurial temperament. Bitterly hurt by her lack of trust, he despairs of a happy outcome. Will the truth serve to effect a reconciliation? Or will Isadora’s outrageous plot signal the end of all hope? Download this 99c book here.

Always Room for Cupcakes: One day I was be-bopping along jamming to the music in my head while wondering if my thighs could handle grabbing a cupcake on the way home. The next thing I knew, my entire world crashed and burned. Download this 99c book here.

Free Books To Download Direct From Authors

This Doesn't Happen In The Movies: A wannabe private eye with a love of film noir and detective fiction. A rich, attractive femme fatale. A missing husband. A rollicking ride to a dark and daring ending. Follow Reed as he solves crime akin to his cinematic hero, Humphrey Bogart.

Download this free book here.

Murder Rites: A priest is brutally murdered. He’s stabbed twenty-seven times. The killer is still on the loose. The police have exhausted all their leads. There’s nowhere else to turn. Johnny Sundance is asked to step in and solve the mystery. But, he immediately runs into problems. The star witness is now dead. The police don’t like his nosing in their affairs. The best suspect turns out to be innocent. Johnny’s client is approaching death himself. Time is running out. Download this free book here.

Dead Letter: Novice Kettna is commissioned to solve a string of robberies, but is haunted by a forbidden secret. Murder, blackmail and espionage drive her investigation into the shadows of danger where she must confront Bloody Agnus, the queen of the criminal underworld. Can a mage with failing magic discover the truth to find her lost love and save the city from itself? Download this free book here.

Reversal of Fortune: The Ducati Op: Missions don't always go as planned. Okay, they almost never go as planned... but sometimes they go truly swarm. And when Gideon's team gets trapped behind enemy lines, he has no choice but to play a game of net the queen with the local Midasian regiment... with himself as the queen. Download this free book here.

Lost Girls: Realistic stories of teen girls who meet monsters and maniacs! Shocking encounters with vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankenstein, and more... If you have a taste for horror, this collection of twisted tales and poems will satisfy even the most evil appetite... Download this free book here.

Historical Mystery Thriller: Download here

The Undead Pool is a humorous and demented origin story of former mercenary Mace Murdock, who after being subjected to an experiment from the evil clown Zarathustra that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and the hunger for human brains, adopts the alter ego The Undead Pool. Download this book here.

First Chapter Spotlight
How often do you see a new author's book and wish you could read the first few chapters to see if you'd like the book? Well, now you can!

The Grotto's Secret: An astonishing secret has lain hidden for centuries. Its incredible power will have devastating and deadly consequences in the wrong hands ...

A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins

Download free chapters here.

Contact: Life has always been tough for Eliza Anderson. Determined to keep her head down and focus on her final year at school, makes Eliza the only one in Burnt Oak who isn’t interested in Jack, the super-hot new student. But Jack isn’t so easy to ignore—especially when he keeps appearing at the first sign of trouble. Download free chapters here.

Soldier Of Fortune: On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions high and heroes… unlikely. Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens. When a general of the Corps arrives with an offer of freedom and the chance to clear his name, Gideon doesn’t have to think twice Download free chapters here.

Review Books
If you missed my email about books waiting to be reviewed, find them here.

99c Book
One last thing, my book, The Grotto's Secret, is listed in the 99c books above. I've been told my 'propulsive, rich in imagery and tension and 'full of twists and turns' thriller also 'has the scariest villain since Hannibal Lector' ~ The Grotto's Secret ~ only 99c.


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