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To submit your writing event or online course, please follow these guidelines.

Author Events Or Writing Course Submission Guidelines

When submitting any author conference, writing events or courses have the following info to hand - to make it easier to add your submission:

IMPORTANT NOTE: please do not use first person i.e. our, we and us. This info MUST be written in THIRD PERSON so the reader knows this listing is not run by this site:

  1. Name of event
  2. To summarise your event or writing course give the primary focus - write a one liner about the event including keywords that best describe it - writing retreat or crime fiction writing course. You can also add a few paragraphs - ie the benefits, main features or other focus. PLEASE NOTE: don't copy directly from a 'Word' document. It will paste hidden 'Word' HTML into your submission and you will be unable to remove it. We suggest writing an original piece or copying into a notepad to remove any HTML and then pasting into the field.
  3. Other details: list all other details you want to include = please do NOT add bullets, each entry is a new line - we will add the bullets.
  4. Accommodation it offers
  5. Country and location
  6. Dates available - not all just a summary ie open all year or only certain times/dates
  7. Pricing - give us a one line summary of pricing
  8. Booking link - this is divided into personal booking for phone numbers and online bookings for a direct link to your writing event
  9. Tag or featured keyword - such as Writing Retreat, Kindle Publishing, Self-Publishing Conference etc. Please check out the existing tags to be sure your event is included in these tags. If you spell the tag differently or without capitals as the format for all our tags, your event will not land on the tagged page. Seperate your tags with commas. As you start typing the tag will automatically populate the field and you can click on it to select the tag.
  10. Twitter - let others see more about your social tweets, and we will tweet your event.
  11. Facebook - our visitors can like you on FB - and so will we.
  12. Google Plus -more sharing via Google ...
  13. YouTube - show us and our visitors your video channel link
  14. Image which best shows off your event. 

Please note: we reserve the right to change your title and first summary sentence to optimise it for search results.

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Here are the steps to submit your event:

1. Have this information handy
2. Pop over and register before you can submit.
3. You will receive a verification email to prove you are human.
4. When you have verified your email and logged in, please submit your event here. PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT logged in you will see a 'Whoops' error page so you must be registered and logged in to access this submission page.

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