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Captivate Your Readers

Captivate Your Readers by Jodie Renner

After reading Jodie Renner’s Write A Killer Thriller I was dead keen to read her new book on how to Captivate Your Readers.

When I read Killer Thriller I found it easy to read and stuffed to the gills with short sharp paragraphs giving vital advice to thriller writers like me. So easy and compelling to read that it was just the page turner that Jodie was advising the reader to create for their thrillers.

Needless to say when I spotted Captivate Your Reader I suspected it would similar.

I wasn’t wrong.

Online Writing Course For Writing Your Paranormal Novel

Online Writing Course For Writing Your Paranormal Novel

Readers love devouring supernatural stories and delving into a paranormal character's life. They love to escape from their own world and absorb the challenges that these paranormal creatures experience.

So, as a self-published writer of the supernatural genre, how do you learn the difference between a paranormal novel and a story with a supernatural elements? How do you tell if you are lapping over into science fiction? Or maybe you need some guidance to help you distinguish if you're actually writing fantasy instead of supernatural or paranormal themes.

Choosing A Book Formatting Design

Choosing A Book Formatting Design

When it comes to formatting your self-published book, your wheels may fall off your wagon. This is often a headache for many or even most writers who decide to go down the self-publishing route. You have the choice of figuring out how to format your book for the various self-publishing platforms or you can pay a professional book formatting company to do it for you or you could simply buy an easy to use template and do it yourself.

Make Your First 50 Novel Pages Sparkle

The First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke probably is one of the best writing reference books I have read. It is littered with different coloured post it notes sticking out the side for a quick jump back into it at any time. Why one of the best books? Oh dear, where do I begin? It’s the kind of book you want to read and re-read and re-read. You want to force every sentence to stay permanently fixed in your writing head.

Learn How To Write Your Novel

Learn How To Write Your Novel

One thing I love about being editor of iHubbub is receiving excellent writing books! As an aspiring novelist I soak up all the knowledge a good writing reference guide can offer.

Three valuable reads on the craft of writing are shown here in the Write Great Fiction series from Writers Digest Books along with other excellent books to help you write your novel - you may even get it done in 30 days!

Let's find out how ...

Writing Scary Scenes

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

If you love to scare your readers and you're writing a thriller, crime novel, a mystery or any other piece of fiction that requires you to write a scary scene, you need to read on. Rayne Hall's eBook Writing Scary Scenes will guide you through the process of creating a fast paced novel.

With stacks of scary books under her belt, and writing Fantasy Fiction along with Horror Fiction, Rayne's author motto is: Dark * Dangerous * Disturbing.


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