Online Writing Course For Writing Your Paranormal Novel

Online Writing Course For Writing Your Paranormal Novel

Readers love devouring supernatural stories and delving into a paranormal character's life. They love to escape from their own world and absorb the challenges that these paranormal creatures experience.

So, as a self-published writer of the supernatural genre, how do you learn the difference between a paranormal novel and a story with a supernatural elements? How do you tell if you are lapping over into science fiction? Or maybe you need some guidance to help you distinguish if you're actually writing fantasy instead of supernatural or paranormal themes.

Based on Steven Harper’s Writing the Paranormal Novel, the Writers' Digest Online Course gives techniques and exercises for weaving supernatural elements into your story.

Paranormal Tutors

Some online writing courses let you get on with your own thing and that works best for some writers who just want to get on with their learning rather than be bogged down with 'attending' certain sessions and handing in homework. When I say attending, I mean online of course...

With this Writers' Digest Online Course, however, your 'paranormal tutor' will give you an assignment each week, and then offer feedback on your efforts. Some writers don't like taking online writing courses if they have 'homework' (!) - but the beauty of doing this is that you will receive expert guidance on the direction your paranormal novel is taking.

You'll get to discuss the elements you are writing about and ask for advice on whatever supernatural challenges you may have.

Here you attend by logging into your writing course control panel and going through the week's lecture. You can view notes from the tutor, get in touch with other writers doing the course and ask for specific feedback from the tutor. You also get extra resources for each week's training session.

Doing the writing course at your own pace in the week and getting feedback gives you the motivation to get on with your writing, rather than keep thinking you'll get round to it later. You never do, of course, because life takes over. I have one of those I still have to finish!

Having your own personal tutor holding your hand through the six week course helps you to stretch your imagination deep into the supernatural world.

Paranormal Creatures

Although ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, wizards, warlocks, angels, demons and any other strange variants with supernatural powers may not exist in the our world (who said?!) your readers should be able to believe that the story is real. To ensure they keep reading and don't put the book down they need to feel as if this world you have created really does exist.

This can be a huge learning curve and many new authors can get a bit OTT with the fantastical supernatural aspects of the story; sadly then their novel becomes steps over the boundary into just a little too unrealistic.

Doing an online writing course such as the Writers' Digest course on Writing Paranormal Novels is one way to ensure that you will create a supernatural story that readers can relate to, even if your main characters are bloodsucking, night-flying, flesh-eating ... bats. Or mice for that matter.

Whatever your imagination conjurs up for your supernatural characters to do or say should fit into certain criteria. And this writing course will help you to understand what you need and then guide you along your paranormal writing journey.

The Writers' Digest Paranormal Novel Course will help you to choose supernatural elements that impact your fictional world, such as should you include ghosts, angels, were-creatures or ESP elements. In one of the learning sessions you will learn how to create engaging fictional characters.

These could be protagonists or antagonists and even supporting minor characters (both human and non-human). Along with learning to develop strong characters and a solid plot, this online writing course will show you how to develop dynamic fight scenes and write engaging, realistic dialogue.

Paranormal Sub-Genres

The supernatural and paranormal genre is one of the most exciting and thrilling to write.

There are also lots of sub-genres of the supernatural genre: from paranormal romance (romance with a paranormal twist) to urban fantasy ( this takes place in urban areas and has fantasy, paranormal, or supernatural elements) to dark fantasy (a cross breed of horror and fantasy) and even gothic horror (this could be betwix romance and being trapped in the paranormal afterlife).

Many of these may be considered more paranormal than supernatural or vice versa.

Supernatural" means anything out of the ordinary world--something unexplained by natural or scientific law.

 Whatever sub-genre you intend taking in your supernatural paranormal novel, consider doing an online course to guide you through so many aspect of writing your exciting thriller.


Paranormal Writing Course Topics

Pop over to Writers' Digest Online Workshops to find out what the Paranormal Writing Course covers. There are six modules which go through all these topics in great detail:Online Writing Workshops for Writers at All Levels

  1. Introduction to the Paranormal Novel
  2. Characterization & Point of View
  3. Realistic Dialogue
  4. Plots and Stories, Structures and Stratagems
  5. Exciting Scenes Make an Exciting Story
  6. Writing Your First Chapter

Any author wanting to self-publish their supernatural or paranormal stories should consider a supernatural writing course, especially if you love the paranormal genre like I do.

You may have done another online writing course, such as this one I did to learn more about writing for children; maybe now you feel you want to focus your passion for writing paranormal stories. Or quite simply, you may want to explore writing paranormal fiction in more depth and gain key insights from a published author.

Whatever the reason why you are dipping into the supernatural learning pot, this course is ideal for you. Personally, Writer's Digest has always been one of my all-time favourites for writing resources, tutorials, books and videos to help me in my own writing journey. You can't go wrong with taking up one of their online writing courses.

Give your own supernatural writing powers a zooost by teleporting yourself over to Writers' Digest super-hot and ever so magical website and flash your electrodes at the Paranormal Writing Course - you'll be thrilled that you did!

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