Get Writing Children's Fiction

Get Writing Children's Fiction by Karen King

If you need any more ideas, tips and exercises for writing your Children's Fiction novel then dip into Get Writing Children's Fiction by Karen King. Her book is packed full of inspiration, tips and writing exercises for anyone who wants to write children's fiction.

Like me, your head may be full of children's stories? When I walk my puppy Dexter, I find my mind whirling around like a helicopter blade with ideas flying in each direction. But will they make an entire readable, page-turning book?

Karen starts off her book on writing for children by giving new children's authors the do's and don'ts of writing for children. She goes through (in great depth) the difference between writing for children and writing for adults and how to write for different age groups and genres.

Then Karen gives you loads of places to get your children's book ideas as well as suggestions for creating believable characters children will really relate to and want to keep their nose stuck in your book.

She also guides you through how to develop plots that keep your readers hooked and she finishes with how to present your work professionally. Throughout the book there are tips from other published writers and useful links.

Chapters include the following:

  • Know-how: the difference between writing for children and writing for adults.
  • How to get ideas for your stories from your family, your work and your life - and how to expand those ideas.
  • Creating believable characters children will love reading about.
  • Writing by the seat of your pants, or plotting? Basic things you need to know for either approach.
  • Writing realistic dialogue.
  • Writing the first draftHow to create 'reel them in' beginnings, sustain the pace in the middle, and write satisfying endings.
  • How to write page-turning chapter endings; keeping continuity when writing series.
  • Writing for the educational market.Writing a synopsis and a proposal.Submitting your work to a publisher or agent.
  • Dealing with rejects and rewrites.Publicity and marketing. Publishing your own work.

While Karen is an experienced writing tutor and university lecturer on professional and university writing courses, she has also been writing children's books since the mid-eighties. She's written for many children's magazines including Sindy, Barbie, Winnie the Pooh and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Some of her short stories were featured on BBC`s Playdays and her poems on the BBC One Potato, Two Potato website. She writes for all ages and in all genres: story books, picture books, plays, joke books, she's written them all! She currently tutors for The Writer's Bureau and was one of the authors of their 'Writing for Children' course and the author of their 'Write for Profit using the Internet' course. So with all that experience behind writing for children, you'll find her own book's examples sprinkled in amongst the chapters.

I am a huge collector of writing reference guides to help me with my own writing so having a book that covers all the topics I want to learn about, in particular - writing for children from start to finish.

The chapters are not long and complex so you will get through them pretty easily with no scratching of your head trying to make out what Karen is explaining. Like many of my other treasured books on writing there are stacks of sticky post-it-notes sticking out in places that I want to go back and re-read. When I am writing my next children's book I will pop back time and time ago to remind myself of the learning from this nifty little guide on writing for children.

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