How to Write Fight Scenes

How to Write Fight Scenes

As a self-published writer you need your novel’s fight scenes to sizzle and you have to ensure your characters fight in the best location using the weapons suited to your genre. Sounds pretty tough if you’re not street smart and haven’t been in a fight yourself.

But no fears, Rayne Hall’s Fight Scenes eBook teaches you all your need to know to write a hot fight scene. In her eBook, Rayne extensively covers the types of fight your characters may have such as entertaining or gritty.

Loads of Info To Write Your Fight Scene

This little eBook is rammed, and I mean RAMMED, with so much information and elaborate detail to create your fight scenes that you won't need to read another book or post on the subject. You will be so inspired to leap right in and start your characers fighting with each other.

Like she does in her other books we have reviewed, Rayne finishes each section with examples to watch and blunders to avoid.

When considering a fight scene, Rayne shows you how important it is for your genre and theme of your novel to research different locations to be sure you choose the right one that makes your fight scene stand out to your reader.

After you have learnt how to structure your fight scene with a template for setting it up, you will go through various fight scene equitment, such as the use of knives, guns, clubs, swords and even historical fighting gear or fantasy and magical weapons.

To add to all of that, Rayne also teaches you about male and female dialogue and thought processes and emotions so you don't bungle up by arming you with male and female responses and actions in real life fights.

Your Own Fight Scene Template

Rayne even gives you a template to write your fight scenes. For example she gives you several stages (about 6) of how to set up your fight with different elements for the location, how to raise the stakes and keep your reader in suspense. Then, she shows you how to move your fight scene into action with a thrilling climax.

I found this so useful when writing my own fight scenes for my latest novel, that I typed out Rayne’s fight scene template and use it, along with other valuable notes that I added to each section.

For example, I wanted my character to fight in self-defence so I added that to my ‘action’ section. I added all Rayne’s notes on location and how to ensure your fight scene takes place in a unique place to my fight scenes set up.

In fact, if  you combine Rayne's template for fight scenes with the blueprint from Scene and Sequel, you will have a master template for writing your whole novel. Ta-dah!

Buy this excellent eBook to ensure your fight scenes leapt off the page!


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