Writing About Magic

Writing About Magic by Rayne Hall

Are you writing about magic or magicians or witches or anything to do with Fantasy Fiction?

After Rayne Hall showed us how to put the eeeek into writing scary scenes for those of us writing thrillers, we thought it apt that she weaves a little bit of magic over us to get us into the mood for our feature on Writing Fantasy.

Rayne’s eBook, Writing About Magic, starts off by explaining the personality and profile of Magician characters. If your novel’s heroine or the hero or the evil villain and any minor characters - such as a witch, a ritual wizard, a theurgist, an alchemist, a shaman – then you can use this eBook to deepen the characterisation of your magical people.

Creating Your Magician

Certain personality traits are common among magicians, and certain talents help them with their craft so it’s helpful that Rayne guides us through suggestions for characterisation. Your magician should have most - not necessarily all - of these character traits. For example, one personality profile would be = Intelligent. After all magic requires a sharp intellect, critical thinking, critical analysis and the ability to make difficult decisions!

Picking A Magic System

Rayne goes on to explain how you can pick a magic system, be it high magic or low magic, black and white magic, ceremonial or natural magic or even witchcraft. You invent your magic system with terms and definitions (helped along with advice from Rayne’s magic experience) and you create spells to cast on your characters.

Beware though, there are many blunders a new writer of fantasy should avoid. Thankfully Rayne gives us a list of blunders – as she does in each chapter under each magical theme. Phew!

Along with the training and initiation of your magician, you’ll need to consider what rituals, locations and circle casting your story will include. You can’t just suck this stuff out of your thumb. Rayne certainly shows us self-published writers that there is some power-raising spells to be cast over our own novels before we can self-publish.

Setting Your Magical World

There’s the costumes and equipment your plot will need and charts, never mind the fact that you may be into love spells or sex magic! You’ll really need to get your grubby paws on this eBook to find out about that topic.

Magical Weapons And Warfare

Then Rayne delves into magical weapons and warfare and goes into much detail about the materials you can use when you create your magic weapons as well as their shape and size, how they could work, the charging and cleansing of the weapons. What I really like about this eBook on writing magic is that Rayne gives you plot possibilities for all scenarios. Having someone explain how to create magical weapons is one thing but having them also give you plot ideas is highly useful for the new writer of fantasy.

Of course healing and protection goes with magical warfare so soon after finding out how to create your novel’s weapons you’ll be learning how to guard your characters against harmful magic and curses.

Conflicts And Secrets In Magic

Before Rayne finishes her eBook about writing magic, she explains ethics, conflicts and secrecy and how a Mage could make mistakes – along with plot suggestions as usual. She closes on magic in the future and gives you lots of food for thought to weave magic into your own self-published novels.

Needless to say we found this a magical little eBook.

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